Twigs, flights and Otto

In Rambling on December 13, 2012 at 10:16 pm

I was given a Christmas twig, I was so impressed because we’ve always had twigs, not trees, at home. So my Edinburgh twig!

20121213-100651 PM.jpg

It’s living on one of the windowsills in my flat. I’ll ruin the surprise, it’s made from a coffee cup from the ECA canteen and the plaster kicking about in the sculpture studio. I’ll take the baubles off and just have it as a thing I think…

20121213-100908 PM.jpg

I flew home (Leicester home) this afternoon, I’ve flown lots but never alone so that was neat. Edinburgh Airport is useless for phone signal though. I managed not to lose anything, and get onto the right plane (always a plus). It’s warmer in Edinburgh than it is 300 miles south in Leicester, weird… I’ve mostly brought books and drawing things with me – and some clothes. So tempting to take all my Harry Potter books back to Edinburgh…

Anyway. Otto, my beloved top hat (failed pinhole – wasn’t tall enough) and Leicester twig.

20121213-101428 PM.jpg

Tomorrow we fly to New York…it’s weird not being in Edinburgh. How on earth will I cope without my daily dose of lovely Scottish accents?!


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