Hello, New York.

In Edinburgh College of Art, Interesting things on December 16, 2012 at 12:01 am

20121215-063158 PM.jpg

I don’t think I’ve flown so much in two days before…actually no. Getting to New Zealand was more flying. There isn’t a whole lot to write about, although I have sort of started the next project… Pictures first I think.

20121215-063417 PM.jpg

20121215-063444 PM.jpg

20121215-063504 PM.jpg

Odd plane window reflections, good (meaning bad) Christmas lights – the snowflakes changed colour! – and playground/crime scene chalk outlines. I’m the mutant looking one on the right, you can’t see the bear hands I ended up with. We flea market-ed too, no pictures of that…and survived the subway. I really hate trains.

New project I probably shouldn’t have started yet…I asked what it was and I sort of got an answer, that’s good enough for me.

Phenomenon. Collect 100 of them in intermedia, up to 50 everywhere else. Examine, explore and totally exhaust them.

Who knows if I’m going about this in the right way, but maybe if I keep going long enough I’ll do something right. Worked well enough for everything else. Some definitions to start with: ‘an observable fact or event’ or ‘an object (or aspect) known through the senses rather than by thought or intuition’. There are a few more, but they’re the important ones. I’m likely to do intermedia for this (and probably for the studio project too…I don’t know, I would try and do something else, but it’s much easier to research in an intermedia way). I’ve started collecting phenomena anyway, gotta get to 100 after all. I won’t use writing for everything, I’ll collect objects, things, sounds and whatever else. Writing is a good start though.

1. 14th December 2012: flying thousands of miles in what is essentially a metal box with wings London Heathrow – JFK, New York. Approx. 7 hours 30 min (evidence: passport stamp, photos, luggage label, airplane cutlery & toothbrush, boarding pass)
2. 15th December 2012: zig zag shredded paper, found on pavement. Source unknown, paper is cream coloured. Brooklyn, New York
3. 15th December 2012: small rectangle shredded paper, white. With type. Found on pavement, Brooklyn, New York.
4. 15th December 2012: rubber band given to me by Althea, found in a playground somewhere in Brooklyn, New York
5. 15th December 2012, 2:41pm EST: travelling very quickly underground in another metal box – G train to Atlantic Ave.
6. 15th December 2012, 3:58pm EST: pole on subway (Coney Island bound Q train) banging against right shoulder and hip

  1. Insanely jealous of you, although I’m jetting off myself! By the way, I’ve nominated you for the Super Sweet Blog Award (www.oxfordlady.wordpress.com), hopefully you haven’t had it before!

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