Phenomenon & many beautiful things

In Edinburgh College of Art, Interesting things on December 19, 2012 at 1:31 am

I have a sort of brief for the phenomenon project, because I like to be doing things. Oh, and I have no life. So I can add bits of that in…

This project is about beginning with limitless possibilities and making
decisions to focus your artistic activity.

“The artist¹s real work is in setting parameters It¹s about the courage to actualise ideas that transform passing thoughts- often trivial- into art.” – Kenneth Goldsmith

We would like you to collect and respond to 100 phenomena. The nature of these are entirely up to you. These could be, for example: images, experiences, spaces between, sounds, objects, straight lines, surfaces, man made/ natural, walks, sneezes, clouds, shoes, in the dark, paths, gravity, stains, liquids, drips, footprints, doorways, rain drops, dust,
light, running, falling, laughing.

It could be 100 similar things or 100 different things. The point is you have to decide what is important to you.

Do you collect things in size order? By colour? Systematically? By chance? Could the throw of a dart in a map decide a location? Or only use what is within hand’s reach as you sit reading this brief? Use methods that are unconventional for you, as well as drawing, photography, copying, tracing, recording, taping, mapping, imprinting, archiving- as many different methods as you can.

There’s more bits & pieces, but I kinda said most of it already… I have a total of 24 phenomena, I might try and get 100 out of New York (we’re here til Sunday), so I can stuff with those before I go back to Edinburgh. And then I can get another 100 when I’m actually supposed to be doing this. Maybe. It’ll give me enough to do. Probably.

Beautiful things before I list phenomena… Monday was MoMA day, so many lovely things! I had to buy the catalogue for Tokyo 1955-70: A New Avant-Garde because it was beautiful (drawings and text and incidents) and used the word ‘intermedia’, I’ve only really found that on intermedia briefs and stuff…

20121218-075421 PM.jpg

And an amazing brothers Quay exhibition, with puppets and sets and models! Seeing some of the videos big was neat. And a nice photography one I’ve forgotten the name of (I’ve seen actual prints of things I’ve seen a lot in books, I like that). And some crazy Christmas lights…

20121218-075854 PM.jpg

20121218-080018 PM.jpg

20121218-080039 PM.jpg

And the Lego store, I’d happily sort all of those by colour… There’s a picture of me making a bad photo face ( I can’t help it) outside 30 Rock, which made me happy.

20121218-080238 PM.jpg

Today was Met day, which was less amazing – some lovely Matisse things though, and root beer! The subway isn’t too bad, I sorta know what it’s doing now anyway.

Ehm…phenomena. There’s quite a lot from today.

7. 15th December 2012
Individually wrapped toothpick from Japanese restaurant (evidence: toothpick, chopstick wrapper)
8. 15th December 2012, 7:41pm EST
Writing with a fountain pen, scratch of nib on thick paper. Noise of moving hand to write.
9. 16th December 2012. 10:07am EST
(Fake?) leather belt. Probably too small to wear.
Found Rugby Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
10. 16th December 2012, 10:36am EST
Bed bug cleaning number – x2, one is missing start of phone number.
Possibly still Rugby Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
11. 16th December 2012, 11:45am EST
Running through dry leaves
Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY
12. 16th December 2012, 6:51pm EST
Tutor phone number
Flatbush Food Co-op, Cortelyou Rs, Brooklyn, NY
13. 17th December 2012, 11:15am EST
Swaying as train moves, mostly onto right foot.
Manhattan bound B train
14. 17th December 2012, evening
Found Foster Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
15. 18th December 2012, 11:06am EST
Quote: “They call it Chaka Khan airport because they don’t play nothing but Chaka Khan.”
Manhattan bound Q – man wearing big glasses walking down carriage.
16. 18th December 2012, 11:11am EST
Zoetrope of graffiti viewed through slats in wall of subway tunnel
Manhattan bound Q, between DeKalb Avenue and Grand St.
17. 18th December 2012, 1:47pm EST
A Two Dimensional Surface… – John Baldessari, 1967, Metropolitan Museum
Black text, below (not my picture!

20121218-082131 PM.jpg
18.18th December 2012, 4:07pm EST
Man sat on subway carrying a stick – possibly bamboo.
Brooklyn bound B
19. 18th December 2012, 4:11pm EST
sound bamboo man talking to woman, general subway noise, door bings, me talking
Brooklyn bound B
20. 18th December 2012, 4:15pm EST
Individual tiles blurring to straight lines as train moves
Brooklyn bound B
21. 18th December 2012, 4:18pm EST
Lack of ‘th’, ‘st’ or ‘rd’ following numbers on subway station names – 7th avenue is written as 7 avenue. Irritating.
Brooklyn bound B
22. 18th December 2012, 4:28pm EST
Man with drum kit on platform (Broadway-Lafayette)
Brooklyn bound B
23. 18th December 2012, 4:32pm EST
sound subway noise, talking in a language I don’t understand
Brooklyn bound B
24. 18th December 2012, 7:17pm EST
Quote: “Fancy lady drink.”
25. 18th December 2012, 7:59pm EST

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