Cats, maps and sound

In Collections, Edinburgh College of Art, Rambling on December 27, 2012 at 8:22 pm

I think Otto actually missed us, he’s been very cuddly. He fell asleep on my bed the other morning (so obviously I couldn’t get up either).


And someone else’s cat that spent Christmas morning on my legs, I was happy – books, cat and a bath. I didn’t think I’d miss not having a bath so much!


I have a lot of books on maps now, so I’ve been doing maps for some of my phenomena. I still need to categorise everything nicely, but we’re getting there. I’m drawing route maps for all phenomena linked to the subway, because I seem to be able to remember station names and all sorts of useful things, and it’s simpler than trying to map everything else. The colour coding might make it more appealing.

#5 is ‘travelling very fast underground in yet another metal box’, so I’m mapping as many subway trips as I can remember, seeing as they’re all phenomena. This is getting the G from Ft Hamilton Pkway to Fulton St, 15th December, to go to the Brooklyn flea market that wasn’t quite where we thought it would be. There’s an awful lot of lines that cross over, I got a tad confused.


There’s more on Flickr, and I’ll add more…but there’s suddenly quite a few pictures in this. Including this (which was a lovely Christmas present).


I got SoundCloud to play nice eventually, I need to do more sound stuff, but there’s plenty of time for that… It’s not especially precise doing it on an iPad, but it works pretty well for a free app (most of the paid ones – for some unknown reason – don’t seem to support Dropbox…). I don’t know the numbers for the phenomena off the top of my head, but the top layer is a guy playing steel drums on one of the platforms at Atlantic Av, and the other is a pile driver in Williamsburgh, post-art-library-ing.

I gave up watching the Ian Rankin thing that was on yesterday, I was only really watching it for Stephen Fry and trying to recognise bits of ECA and Edinburgh anyway.

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