Zoetropes, more maps and cookies

In Edinburgh College of Art, Interesting things, Vegan baking on January 2, 2013 at 9:08 pm

Which sounds like a pretty good combination, really. I’ve missed having a real oven – more than I missed having a bath – so I really should bake more, I’ve got to get a whole semester’s worth… I’ll make cake at some point, I’m in biscuit mode at the moment. Tahini and lime cookies, they taste a whole lot better than you might think.


Other than biscuits… I’ve been doing more maps and I did start making a sort of database of phenomena, and there was the excitement of cutting up a huge pumpkin yesterday… And that’s it really. Maps, to start with I think. I drew out all the subway routes we did, if I had an exact number for how many times we went on each train I’d do it that way too, but I don’t. I’m doing several things at once, which I haven’t really done before. Maybe it’ll work.


And the same lines, but written out. Each phenomena on the right line, and roughly the right place. That took a while to work out.



One of the phenomena I collected, #16 actually, was the way the tiles on the underground platforms (or rather walls, if we’re being picky) blur to straight lines once the train moves. I’ve drawn it, but it’s not quite the same (because I’m drawing from memory and trying to draw something that’s dependent on movement), so I’m (sort of) making a zoetrope of it. I made a really bad one today, just as a test, and because there’s no point making a good one here because I’d never get it back to Edinburgh in one piece. I’ve already gained a lot of stuff to take back… It sort of works, I put too many holes in the side though. Anyway, whilst looking up instructions for making a zoetrope (I can’t think like that at all) I found another of my phenomena, #20. It looked like an accidental zoetrope of tiles or a mural or something between DeKalb Ave and Grand St (and whatever the Q equivalent is, only on B and Q lines though), but it’s entirely deliberate. I only ever saw the end, done by Bill Brand in the 70s I think… It’s an unused station/platform, and it’s far longer than I expected. And totally accidental that I found it, it was on my super huge to do list to see if anyone had filmed it, but there we go.

If you’re ever in Brooklyn…get a B or a Q into Manhattan and you’ll see it.

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