Lines (of thread and of slate)

In Edinburgh College of Art, Interesting things on January 6, 2013 at 12:20 am

There isn’t a whole lot to write about, but there’s pictures… Maps have become…less 2D, although only a little. Once I have studio space again (I really hope my writing desk is still there) I can do more, although possibly only once I know what the studio project is. Although it probably counts as exhausting and exploring phenomena… Anyway maps. I drew with thread and pins and I’m in the middle of stitching one (on that weird fabric with holes). The pins are marking the stations that we got off/on at, but there’s not enough to keep the threads in the right positions. So a slightly distorted map really. And I didn’t waste my nice thread on bits of line we didn’t go on.

20130106-120022 AM.jpg

20130106-120052 AM.jpg

And more a 2D one again, I confused myself so much trying to do this. I’m sure I’m supposed to be vaguely intelligent. Maybe I won’t say what it is at the moment. I’m planning (hopefully) to do a bigger, more accurate, version – either paper or thread or whatever else I can find. It’s odd how much drawing I’m doing given my almost pathological fear of drawing in September…but I’m not thinking of it as drawing so it’s fine.

20130106-120428 AM.jpg

I might (meaning I probably will) do drawings from the sound phenomena, probably need better sound wave-y things though. More drawings…

20130106-121907 AM.jpg

We did our January Yorkshire Sculpture Park trip, nothing as surprisingly lovely as last year (the type sculptures), but there was a Richard Long…thing. Or line, I guess. Which was neat, it’s nice seeing work that I’ve read about, much different somehow. And he was on the endurance drawing brief, and is probably useful again. I’ve got a thing for walking it’d seem. So, a red slate line. That’s not to be walked on.

20130106-121017 AM.jpg

20130106-121036 AM.jpg

And more things from today… There was an unexpected Martin Creed thing too.

20130106-121336 AM.jpg

20130106-121253 AM.jpg

20130106-121414 AM.jpg

20130106-121508 AM.jpg

I forgot to add this the other day, I can’t get over how impressed I am with it, I do actually want a (crappy) crocodile costume. Maybe I should try and stay awake for more Bond films.

20130106-121654 AM.jpg


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