Hello again, Edinburgh…

In Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art, Vegan baking on January 11, 2013 at 9:43 pm


It’s not cold, it’s not raining and I’m mostly unpacked. And there were five parcels waiting for me – annoyingly not the 6kg of books I sent myself – and I think they were starting to get annoyed that I still wasn’t here… More books and some pretty green boots (maybe not pretty, practical)…and I’m still waiting for another book to be sent. As much as I’d like to spend all the weekend just reading new books I have reading to do for Monday’s seminar and other stuff to do – like finding my desk and returning library books I’d forgotten to renew.

I’ve been on a bit of a baking spree – there was birthday cake on Monday, I really should have taken a picture of the mixture, because that carrot cake always refuses to rise. So it’s huge, but only because there was a huge amount of mix.



And then cookies…peanutbutter, and then mint & chocolate, which made far more than I expected. I’ll miss not having an oven again!



Not really any other excitement… East Midlands airport is daft, I get stuck with lots and lots of handbags when I really didn’t want to be. I escaped eventually though. And the plane was so empty, meant I got to have the window seat instead of where I was meant to be though. There might be more excitement next week – or there really should be. I need to go buy a lot of stuff – miniature chisels and ink and lino and all sorts. I think sleep comes first.


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