Lots of prints and bits and pieces

In Edinburgh College of Art, Rambling on January 14, 2013 at 7:38 pm

I got round to scanning them in, so voila. Some (quite badly done) woodblock, some slightly better lino and some collagraphs (done with a pasta machine).

I did a few more today, having acquired lots more stuff. I pretty much killed the poor bit of lino though, there wasn’t any fabric-y bit on the back, so…ehm…there’s some holes in it. At least those bits don’t print though! Hm. I seem to have a thing for red, I didn’t want to buy red ink – but it was the only one I knew was water based. I’ll go find some scrap wood/metal at some point too.

Desk has been reclaimed, and wall space taken up. I like being able to look at everything at once. I even have a studio calendar now… There’s more stuff up though, I spent all afternoon doing things. Which was nice. I decided the blackboard kicking about in my locker might as well be useful, so my new permanent to do list (probably better than using my hand).

And some (useless) data-y things… A massive list of times and dates and places and categories, and with lists of evidence that I was actually there and i’m not making it up. Although why I’d make it up I don’t know. That might be even sadder than having collected them in the first place…

Screen Shot 2013-01-12 at 14.16.03

And a stem and leaf diagram of times, I got distracted from the circular thing. It ended up as lines, because I seem to like lines too. I’d ordered a copy of Lines: A Brief History, because it was cheaper than the other ones (less than £20, instead of near £40…) and the library copy was out (and it wasn’t the ECA library for some unknown reason, but the main library which is about a billion times bigger). Anyway…that got cancelled because the guy lost the book. It’s probably good, because I need to actually read the books I buy. Not going too well so far.

I think that’s enough for now…


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