Holy cow!

In Edinburgh College of Art, Rambling on January 16, 2013 at 8:54 pm

This is amazing (better than that actually, I feel the need to yell amazeballs. I won’t though). I have essay grades (took a while…), and ehm…yeah. My mind is blown.

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 20.13.29


I’d never really written an art-ish essay (I’m not counting the book I did for photography, that was just me rambling for several thousand words more than necessary), hence the load of Cs. I can die happy now I’ve got something better than an A3, and they’ve never all been As before. There was quite a bit of squealing when I saw it… I’m celebrating with whisky – did I ever list the reasons I chose Edinburgh? There’s sensible reasons – like I loved it when we came in April, and I actually got in (that is a sensible reason, I couldn’t say no to that) – but then there’s actual reasons – like the fact that Scottish accents are entirely lovely, I like whisky (but most definitely not haggis – vegan or otherwise), and I burn very easily if there’s even the tiniest amount of sunlight. And…I like rain.

I’ve done quite a bit, mostly drawing. Having bought all that printing stuff I’ve only used it once so far, I’ll find something else to print I’m sure. Firstly, I’m not a morning person. At all. Even if I don’t sleep much. So I spent two and a half hours colouring in tiny little squares that I could barely see before I realised that I had a laptop, and it was in fact possible to do the whole damn thing in twenty minutes. I’ve not even done half of it by hand (but I will…I like it more for a start). So, the hand coloured version – which is kinda neat close up, but looks way better from a distance – and a digital version (which will mess with your eyes).

The stem and leaf diagram of times has been colour coded too, there’s a tiny version of that on graph paper, but I’ll do a bigger version I think. I’ve changed all my wall around, old stuff is back in the desk because I was running out of room. It’s sort of chronological now, and there’s kind of…links between each thing, or I can see that there’s links. Doing stuff never fails to make me think of something else to do, so I can see where I started and where I’ve ended up now. Which is good, easier than flicking through a sketchbook (although gets being filled up too).

I’m pretty certain that wasn’t what this phone number was for (phenomena #10 I think), I’m pretty sure it was for bed bug clearing or something. That’s also how I spent yesterday, trying to find people for the two phone numbers I have and being remarkably unsuccessful.

More colouring in tomorrow I think, and tutorial-ing, and trying to work out which essay question I want to do. We have another one to do, and none of the questions are especially nice, well maybe they are really. But the other one just sounded…interesting, and was something I was interested in. Although this semesters lectures nicely cover the bit of history I like – I have no idea why I like the 20th century so much more than anything else – so maybe it’s not so bad. It’s just hard to coherently articulate things I probably – but not definitely – know into an essay (seriously, how the hell did I demonstrate an applied knowledge of visual culture theories in the art school essay?!) I still haven’t finished Why Art Cannot Be Taught, I’m at least further in than I was, and reading the bits that were less relevant before, it’s so strange to see things that we do so often written about and analysed like that, although I’m putting off the chapters on crits (I still don’t like ’em, reading about them might make it worse, although we’re crit free until 25th January which is brilliant as far as I’m concerned). I counted up how many books I’m currently reading, I’m actually ashamed of my inability to finish anything at the moment. Some are only for dipping in and out of though – or that’s my excuse anyway. I got my huge box of books I’d sent myself today, so I’m happy. Less writing, more reading.

  1. Well done, that’s awesome! Do you go to Edinburgh uni? I’d really love to go there, was it hard to get into??

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