Tiny, tiny, tiny squares

In Edinburgh College of Art on January 17, 2013 at 8:04 pm

I keep remembering about that essay – mostly ends up with me laughing to myself. Quite a few of the sound phenomena I collected have me laughing in them and its really not nice. Also….guess what? I got into Edinburgh! I’m going to stop laughing now, honestly.

I don’t know why I keep ending up doing such…pointless things. Or they seem pointless, or they’re based on really useless information. I remember useless information better I think. I’m now on a mission to make lots of tiny square colouring-in-drawings, I haven’t even finished one yet… Looks like that’s going to be my weekend. I’ve found different data to use, did I ever even explain in the first place? I can’t quite get my head round it anyway. Stick to meaningless pattern… I’m going to see if I can do them as screenprints tomorrow, that’d be pretty cool. I’m trying to find a way to use all the sound, nothing really yet. Annoyingly. But I’m doing a lot of other things simultaneously (I didn’t really for other projects, and it might help) so it’s not so bad.

This load of tiny squares is all phenomena recorded on the subway. Colours correspond to the colour of the train line. Each line is a different day, there’s only three or four for each day so they’re repeated a lot.

20130117-075401 PM.jpg

This one is harder to explain. Almost all the phenomena have a time recorded, and these are the times based on the stem & leaf diagram. Each colour represents a set of minutes – 0 to 9, 10 to 19 and so on. It is sort of possible to work out AM and PM, well I can see it.

20130117-075605 PM.jpg

I’ve taken to rearranging the wall before I leave, taking off less useful stuff and making more space. Two days in a row I haven’t been the last to leave…

20130117-075938 PM.jpg

Also… I bought more whisky at some point and yesterday was my excuse to open it (happy grades = happy whisky), I was ridiculously excited to find I can claim a piece of distillery land (and visit…as if – I got over my general Scotland trauma, there is very little chance I’m going near an island again). So that was fun. I need to go do stuff and stop rambling.

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