More (mindless) pattern

In Edinburgh College of Art, Rambling on January 19, 2013 at 10:41 pm

I finished a page of squares! Admittedly it was the simpler one and it was early in the morning, and it was probably six or so hours in total…I don’t know, but not all at once… I scanned it, so it looks pretty. There’s some hope I might finish the other one, although I think two might be my limit. Maybe. Can you tell where I messed it up?


This one is more fiddly, and more messed up because it’s easy to forget how many squares of one colour I have to do, sometimes it’s okay because the next colour will be dark enough to cover that up – but mostly not. There’s been a lot of swearing at this one, poor thing. It’s a tiny bit more finished now. I’m not entirely sure why I thought these were a good idea…


Screen prints are not possible (until next year if I’m really lucky), it might be possible to make blocks, or at least accurate stencils, with the laser cutter. Find out on Tuesday. I might have the patience to colour in tiny squares, but I lack the patience/ability/motivation to cut out squares – tiny or otherwise – out of wood, or anything really. I’ll try a little tiny section with lino I think, but it’d be quite nice to have big prints (I keep sticking to small things, pretty sick of small things at the moment really). Anyway, it might not even be possible (I’m not especially optimistic am I?), I’m sure I can find something else to use the laser cutter for if not.

I actually did something with sound, I have no idea what. But it sounds different, and not like it did when I started. Which might be good – the drawings look nothing like what they started off as. Might sound better through headphones, and they are just…noise. They kind of need to go with something, because just as a thing…I don’t know. I’ve heard them a lot though.

Kinda related…trying to figure out how on earth Audacity works led to these. There’s interesting ways of looking at the waveform, with nice colours! I have no idea what most of it does, and it took ages for me to realise what I’d done was zoom in massively, but when it plays it speeds through it all. Maybe I’m trying to link things a bit too much and it’s not at all like it, but it’s…kinda like whatever-number-phenomena it is that’s individual tiles becoming rows and rows of straight lines once the train moves.

I’m going to add the sound to it on Monday I think (it’s the Bleecker St noise, I had a lot of fun slowing that one down and changing the pitch if you couldn’t guess – Bleecker St is a bit of a strange station I think, or at least if you’re getting a B back into Brooklyn, because there’s a platform above that one, so you can hear and feel other trains coming in. Pretty…claustrophobic really. But that’s what the noise is, that and the announcements they have for when a train is one/two stations away.), iMovie is incredibly annoying and kept dying when I tried to add it in. Anyway. I’ve got some other sound-images (I’m going to come back to that) I’ll layer up or something, I don’t know. But there’s images too, all square-y and everything.

Sound-images… I’m not using it in its proper context, or not in the context that I read it in, who knows if that’s ‘proper’. But it’s interesting, and it fits (I think). I managed to find another (more expensive – grrr) copy of Lines: A Brief History which came on Thursday, I started reading this afternoon. The way it’s written is…how I imagine he thinks/talks to himself. It’s interesting and funny and far too skinny. Anyway. I’m going to have to find the book so I know what I wanted to say now…ehm. I’ve noticed ‘phenomenon’ appearing a lot lately – not just in art-y books, but in fiction and on the radio. I probably write/say phenomena/phenomenon more than anything else now, partly because it’s a nice word to say and I keep having to find a phenomena from a long list and I’m sure there’s that thing about saying something makes it easier to find…

In language, then, there are no sounds as such, there are only what Saussure calls images of sound. Whereas sound is physical, the sound-image is a phenomenon of psychology – it exists as an ‘imprint’ of the sound on the surface of the mind.
Ingold 2007: p. 7-8

…accustomed to thinking of sound as a purely physical phenomenon…
Ibid: p. 15

I’m appropriating ‘sound-image’, perhaps more because of the use of ‘phenomenon’ than any particular relevance to what I’m doing. Seeing sound – making drawings from sound – is something to think about though… I did come across a way of making a huge list of numbers/data in Audacity, so I might use that. I’ve not quite got to what I want to say yet…give it a while. But that’s what I’ve been doing all day. Also – it finally snowed. It’s almost all gone now though, maybe it’ll snow again, I got so excited I had to out in it last night. Yes, I do still have my Christmas twig up, I haven’t gotten round to take the baubles off yet.

And one more thing… I drew round all the crap I’ve got for this project – some of them are phenomena (like the belt, index cards, fake leaf/flower and so on) and the rest is just proof that I was in certain places, a lot of my phenomena are things felt or seen and not recorded in anything other than words. So there’s proof that I was there, means I’ve got a lot of crap though. Very sadly I’m bad at drawing round things, I don’t even know how that’s possible (and possibly a little worrying given that I’ve switched to quite a drawing orientated course…hopefully not drawing round things though – it’s really weird writing ‘intermedia’ after my name, I had to to sign up for learning about laser cutters and I hadn’t done that before).

I’m officially old. If I have to enter my birthday I now have to scroll down the list.


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