Drawings and taking over more wall(s)

In Edinburgh College of Art on January 22, 2013 at 9:33 pm

Technically…it wasn’t a wall. But drawings first, I almost miss drawing classes, which is a little strange. And I sort of think maybe I can draw – just…not like anyone else seems to draw. But I don’t see like anyone else does so maybe that’s okay. It’s less daunting anyway. Finding this John Hegley poem may have something to do with it too, I keep it above my desk in the studio now.


I really wish this had been my idea, but no. Quite a lot of these things get suggested – perhaps not that seriously – and I just do them anyway. Hm. I’ve been drawing round stuff, stuff being a mix of phenomena and evidence of phenomena. It’s mostly evidence, I don’t like not being able to prove that it happened, and I still can’t really prove it. Ah well. I’ll just skip to the drawings – so much of the crap is rectangular, so a page just full of rectangles, or most of a page rather. Most of these are fairly big, because I don’t do many big things. Which is why my bit of wall is expanding so much.


I drew everything from both flights, every piece of cutlery and everything, using a toothbrush from the flight back. There’s a drawing – or…painting? – done with toothpaste, more rectangles. Kinda fun.


Everything, but colour coded. Most of the evidence covers several phenomena, and the ones with most evidence (annoyingly) seem to be the ones with lots of different categories. Red is something intangible, unrecorded, experienced. Green is an object collected. Cyan is sound recordings. Magenta-y purple is quotes. Dark blue is images. Purple is video, but there’s only one of those and no evidence except the video…  There’s a lot of red. It looks kinda neat from a distance.

IMG_4782 IMG_4784

I went to see how possible using the laser cutter would be, I think it should work. Kinda lucky I’d (needlessly) paid for materials for this year, given that it’s £12/hour to use. So might try that tomorrow, I think I managed to get a file sorted out anyway – or at least start, I’m going to do some lino prints tomorrow anyway, seeing as Wednesday’s are our allocated print days, someone’s gotta use it. Laser-cutter-man gets plus points for playing Jack White. I’ll be lucky if I have anything properly done before the crit on Friday though…

I’m not trying to take over every single wall, it just seems to happen. It’s odd seeing it so big, and not on a screen, as an actual thing rather than something I accidentally found I could do. It works better with the sound – or the sound works better with it, separate they’re both a tad meh. I’ll do more, probably. See if I can project it bigger.


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