More prints and rambling about essays

In Books, Edinburgh College of Art, Rambling on January 26, 2013 at 4:56 pm

Unexpected productivity! Aided by some sleep. I started making paper beads last night, which isn’t quite as odd as it probably sounds. I’m quite sold to the idea of making…functional, useful, things out of quite useless data/patterns (because really…how useful is it to know at exactly what time I saw a man wearing a red sweater knitting on the subway? Not very), not that beads are especially useful. But they have a better purpose. Anyway, that was less fiddly than I expected, and they’re less wonky than I thought. But still wonky. I’m planning on making all 104 colour coded phenomena as beads, I’ve got 14 done at the moment (I’m cheating, blocks of the same colour are made as one bead, rather than individually). They look better in real life, and they’re just nice to fiddle with.


And I did more prints this afternoon, out of all the drawing round things I did I liked the fake leaf, partly because drawing round each leafy bit ended up being quite fun because they move all over the place, looks kinda interesting I think. So I have that as a small woodblock, which looks nice as a thing (having removed the paint that got stuck) and alright as prints.


Cleaning things always seems to make more interesting things, or textured translucent things make more interesting things. I’m going to end up filling up windows with prints on tissue I think. Hm.


I drew squares on this last night, it’s the lines in wood repeated five or six times to fill up A4, it didn’t look especially impressive just like that so it got drawn on. I might print on it again, we like layers… The first line of squares were drawn looking at what it was supposed to look like (it’s the the separation of the pink squares, seeing as it somehow ended up as that pink) and the rest was trying to remember that and draw it right. But it definitely didn’t end up right, so it’s ended up as nonsense really.


I sorted out my sketchbook yesterday, there was quite an accumulation of stuff that needed to be added in. So it’s slightly more organised now, even though I’ve not been doing much sketchbook stuff (because I’m working on pieces of paper that won’t fit or doing things that just can’t go in a sketchbook – video, sound, 3d things – and what used to go in A4 sketchbooks, seminar/lecture notes and stuff, now goes into my tiny sketchbook) it’s almost full. It’s gotten to that satisfyingly thick point where it looks like I’ve done lots.


I think I’ve chosen an essay question to do, I’ve been meaning to do that for the past two weeks, so that’s progress. Still not entirely convinced, but I’ve been looking through the library catalogue to find some useful books. Knowing how indecisive I am (actual reason for switching to intermedia: less decisions!) I’ll probably change. There’s a bit of theme developing here with going for the first question, it’s not intentional honestly…they’ve just sounded…more interesting.

“Well listen
Well the modern world is not so bad
Not like the students say
In fact I’d be in heaven
If you’d share the modern world with me
With me in love with the U.S.A now
With me in love with the modern world now
Put down the cigarette
And share the modern world with me”
‘Modern World’, Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers

Was the modern world ‘not so bad’? Discuss in relation to two modernist art movements of the early twentieth century.

It sounded logical at one point, and there’s probably things I could talk about. Maybe more reading/research before rambling though. I’m going to have to come up with a way of getting primary research if at all possible, asking people questions for the last one was just to make it more interesting for me (and whoever read it) but now I’ve sort of…peaked too soon. I’ve got a bit of an (unfair) advantage when it comes to essay writing though, seeing as I’m in the non-dyslexic minority.

This isn’t really relevant to much at all, but I think visual culture is a bit more integrated into studio work this semester – maybe the lectures are just more relevant (the seminar reading I’m avoiding at the moment – I’m half way through it’s allowed – is definitely relevant to the current project) or I’m more aware of it now and I’m trying to make them fit together, but maybe because seminars aren’t just being done by visual culture people this semester. Or all of those. This is probably just me being a bit odd more than anything, but I think the main reason they’re still quite distinct (when they should be integrated nicely) is where the happen – studios are lived in, and there’s a kind of…freedom in what is said in the studio, whereas seminar rooms really aren’t. I know I’m a bit funny when it comes to being attached to places and things, so maybe it doesn’t make sense at all. Although I’ve noticed lectures and stuff being discussed more, and not in a ‘oh crap I’ve not done the reading’/’do we have a lecture?’ way. I’ve lost whatever point I might have had now. Back to seminar reading, I’ve got an essay to read for Tuesday too. And a whole load of other books.


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