On cubes, cubicles and other squares.

In Edinburgh College of Art, Rambling on January 29, 2013 at 11:43 pm

There’s a fair amount of stuff. Things happened, but I’ve not quite caught up yet. It’s really nice when studio things mix nicely with lectures – Monday was context (and museology-woman again, which is good)) and the essay for this brief (actual reason for switching #2: intermedia briefs come with essays. I like essays) is Inside The White Cube (which is funnier than you’d think)…inexplicably nice anyway. Maybe not inexplicable. The only problem I have with it – and it’s more me being obtuse than a real problem – is that I don’t think I make art, and that makes it harder, more complicated maybe. It’s something that comes up quite often in seminars and lectures – why is it art? – and it’s really not something I can hope to answer coherently. And I do realise the absurdity of not making art (well, someone else might call it that, but I can’t happily do that) and being at art college. I can’t think anymore!

When in doubt, find quotes that say it better, and when in even more doubt look at Martin Creed… I like his thing of not knowing what art is, he says it better than I can. And with a better accent. Managed to go see Work No. 1059 (Scotsman steps covered in marble) yesterday – which was brave, wet (I got so cold, and felt so naked, because I forgot my scarf I had to buy another, a university one even) and lovely. There’s a video of him somewhere singing on the stairs and describing them as ‘scuzzy’, which they are still a bit. Hopefully with less piss.

20130129-110631 PM.jpg

20130129-110646 PM.jpg

It’s kind of hard to explain what I’m doing at the moment, doesn’t bode well for tutorials on Thursday… I think I need some new data really, and I’m going off in three/four different directions, but it’s mostly still based on the phenomena. I’m transferring the pattern from the times and dates onto things still – the beads I have are now on a necklace. I’m knitting squares out of string (felt like such an old woman – I spent most of today knitting, drinking tea and occasionally tutting) to be dyed and then either made into something wearable or used to cover something. I’m making badges too, of individual phenomena (well the coloured squares).

Some of the phenomena link to specific people, so I made a little treasure hunt today (you wouldn’t believe the stress of having to leave a phenomenon unguarded) with a map made up of memories and relevant things, observations. It probably looked a tad…obsessive, to know those offhand but it’s just what I do I guess. I know nothing especially useful, just remember little things. It feels almost wrong to say too much about it, it’s not…quite meant to be shared maybe. Which – again – isn’t good for having to talk about it! But what I found interesting was that the observations were more useful than my crappy line (in my defence…I can’t visualise places), and even better – they were remembered. Whether reading it triggered a memory or…maybe created a fake one to fit – the way photographs can – I don’t know, and if I added in plausible sounding fake ones would they be accepted as true?. I wasn’t expecting that anyway… It’d be interesting to see if I could follow a similar map, how similar our memories actually are.

As for intervening somehow…I want the stuff – I don’t know what it is yet – to almost place itself. The phenomena are almost entirely based on movement, mostly walking. For them to be static might be odd. I’m thinking of sending things to people in ECA, so I’ve intervened by placing something within the building, but I can’t say where, I might stumble upon it by chance. Especially if its wearable and the recipient wore it, a sudden influx of data badges… Or I make a little guided tour and send that. Or I send memories. I’m obviously set on sending something (am I the only one that gets ridiculously excited by post?).

But then, totally opposite to all that… There’s a Martin Creed quote (again) somewhere that art galleries are like toilets which I liked. So that’s my justification for colonising toilets, which I haven’t started yet. But three weeks is quite a while… I just want to make them look nicer! Much to my disappointment I can’t bring the whole crit down to a toilet, but I’ll have to bring a tutor I think. That could be weird. Annoyingly toilet galleries have already been done. And then totally irrelevantly…immersive video! The totally dark room is indeed totally dark. That’s Thursday’s fun.

I’ve run put of rambling. Sleeping time, but…I got a proper studio mug. It makes me incredibly happy.

20130129-114254 PM.jpg


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