Lots of mess and some projections

In Edinburgh College of Art, Interesting things, Rambling on January 31, 2013 at 10:58 pm

I’m really torn between liking making a mess and liking having everything ordered nicely, such hardships… I managed to do both today though. More pictures, less rambling. Always good.

I’ve been knitting (vague) squares, I do mean very vague. Hopefully once they’re stitched together they’ll remain square, out of string. It’s going to become a rug, or mat/carpet, something for the floor! In theory, anyway. I was getting so sick of white string though I started dying them today, I hate having to spend money (hence knitting with string), so they’re dyed with very watered down acrylic – I really hope it doesn’t stain anything horribly or something awful – but it’s so bright. They actually feel really nice when they’re covered in paint, all squishy and lovely. I spent far longer than strictly necessary playing with them… There’s a lot of pictures of hands, an easy way to provide evidence of what I’ve been doing.





I’ve got two little washing lines (which are being dyed quite nicely by drying them) between the sink and my desk, just trying to take up as much space as possible…




Projected things…the video was made slightly bigger, and moved all over the place. It’s really satisfying to stand in it, I was kind of tempted to lie in it but that might have been slightly awkward.


And then a load of still things. You’ll notice I’m also wearing my data beads, must finish those…






That last one is my hair, it looked pretty amazing from how I saw it. I quite like these, in that it’s projected in two places (there’s a wall when you come in the door), having been talking about having more than one thing projected at once it’s kinda interesting. They split nice and evenly too, if I’m not allowed to go near the projector anyway.


None of that is especially relevant to what I’m supposed to be doing, or what I’m actually doing, but it’s kinda fun playing about with stuff. I think I’m heading towards doing ‘nice things’ for this project, it’s the only way I can think to describe it. Not quite sure…it’s horribly daunting that by the end-ish of next week I’m supposed to know what I’m doing. I’m still deluding myself that three weeks is ages. I spent half an hour stood in a toilet cubicle colouring in a 15x15cm tracing paper square today, so so awkward when there were people there! Pens make noise, I had to wait until everyone left before I could leave… I’ll keep on doing it though, although probably makes more sense to do the squares before.

Also – this was quite phenomenal, we went to the pub yesterday. That’s the sort of thing that needs to be marked on calendars forever, it’s taken five months…eek. And some…persuasion. It might very well become a Wednesday tradition. I feel like a real student now and everything… And I tried a new whisky – I couldn’t see what there was, said the first thing that came to mind (which wasn’t there) and got offered Lagavulin instead (which is nice). I honestly don’t spend all my time drinking whisky.


  1. Did you know that During the first World War, knitting was far more that just an art — it was a cause!

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