More knitting and (possibly) sweet/creepy things

In Edinburgh College of Art, Rambling on February 4, 2013 at 9:52 pm

I have more string (500g of string, actually), I was so pleased (sadness of my life…), less pleased that there was no sticky back plastic…but I got some from somewhere else. I can sort of get to more places than just my flat and ECA without a map, which is good. Although not so good in that I walk home without thinking, and that means I’ll need to go shopping and find myself already at home without quite knowing how. So far I’ve only managed to knit one more square for the rug – I’ve decided I’m going to replace doormats with it, just as something slightly cheerful – one of many things I should be doing now.


I started knitting the scarf squares on Saturday, it’s a bit of a pain because it’s really easy to spike the wool(ish) and accidentally add in an extra stitch. They’re bigger too, and smaller stitches. So it takes me about an hour to do each one, I am an incredibly slow knitter… Much quicker with the string, but I don’t really fancy wearing the string! The scarf squares actually stay (quite) soft after being dyed… I worked out how long it’s going to be, 22 squares, at about 4″ for each square. That’s longer than all of my other scarves, and as long as the brown paper.


I’ve done five squares, and dyed four of them. I’m doing them by colour, seeing as there’s only five colours for this set of data (did I ever say? I don’t know…it’s going to be all the phenomena collected on the subway, colours relate to the train lines they were on). It’s mostly orange though… When I was knitting yesterday I noticed I’d done each one that I’d knitted in my flat in a different place, so I’m going to map out the train lines from where I knit. The fifth one (that needs to have a colour chosen for it) was done on the floor of the sculpture court, 53.5″ away from a specific light on the floor. So if you see me sat somewhere knitting…that’s why. It won’t be evident from the scarf itself, and there’s no way I’m redoing the yellow ones so they make the Q line, but I’ll know the rest have been done like that and I’ll be happier… I like it when things link nicely together again. I just spent half an hour trying to find a line from a song about self-referencing, and it wasn’t at all how I remembered so it’s not at all useful anymore.



I have a video of knitting the third yellow square, and some bits of sound from knitting one of the others and all the sound from knitting the sculpture court one (it sounds totally different from how I remember it sounding, if that makes any sense?). As…evidence. I like having evidence, proof, which is why I keep so many sketchbooks (I’m on the fourth A4 book, and second small one…and there’s several others floating about) and date everything. I like knowing what happened when, because I don’t remember anything too useful unless it’s written down, but I have a pretty much photographic memory of really useless things. I was reading articles on memory at the end of last week, after the treasure hunt, which were interesting but I have no idea what I was going to say (I’ve written it on a to do list – ‘blog, memory articles’ and now it means nothing to me…). I’ll have to read it again, obviously. There were some more interesting ones about social memory, although they were all in psychology journals and documenting experiments so mostly…totally beyond my comprehension. I got the general gist anyway…it’s kind of reassuring to know things about memory, if that makes sense. Or know as much as can be known. Think Steph’s totally contaminated me with her science-y-ness! (In the best possible way). Point is…I just can’t understand how people can’t document work in some way, sketchbook or whatever else. Just…how?! It is really hard to document some of this – I think I’m going to have to resort to some interviews at some point – which is incredibly frustrating. But there’s…stuff. And stuff is good. So here’s a really really fast video of me knitting, with whisky (although that just makes my already bad knitting worse). I do honestly talk to myself that much, part of the reason why it’s sped up because I know I talk crap. And I do keep needles in my hair.

I posted a possibly creepy thing this evening, although it could be sort of…sweet? I don’t know! And it’s going to be awkward to find out. I sent a badge, and a piece of evidence of phenomena #17 (which is a Baldessari print, and doesn’t have much to do with the evidence), from all my evidence of being at the Metropolitan Museum I sent the outer wrapper from a sweet from Felix González-Torres pile of candy that was there. It matched the colour of the badge…and I don’t know! It was posted at 5:38pm this evening. I’ll do more tomorrow, probably. And then…we wait. And then interview and/or run away and claim absolutely no knowledge. Which isn’t really possible, given that I’ve just written it here.


I made what can loosely be called a pattern for the rug/doormat, so I know where everything’s going. Squares are another thing I can’t draw. (Although, I’m having questions answered by intermedia-paper-bag-square man on Thursday, one of my questions was along the lines of ‘how the hell are they so damn neat?!’ so I might learn to do neat squares one of these days – as exciting/interesting as that is it’s also scary).


My desk looks so colourful at the moment.


Another nice lecture this morning too, I’m indecisive about which essay question to do again… I made incredibly squint cakes on Saturday. They taste really eugh too, I’m blaming the stupid microwave. Eventually I’ll have a real oven and I can bake until I just can’t bake anymore. Also…this is entirely true. It’s really uncomfortable to wear rings anywhere other than my ring finger. Optimistic as ever.



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