Paper bags (a lot of them)

In Edinburgh College of Art, Interesting things on February 7, 2013 at 6:29 pm

And lots of other stuff too, other stuff comes first. Started doing video stuff again, I can’t quite remember why (it was more than about half an hour ago, so no chance…), but this is apparently an acceptable finished piece (which I entirely disagree with, but it could be true – and I’d have a lot more time if all it took was filming several seconds of interesting things every now and then). It also sounds like Jaws, which I do agree with, although I’ve never seen Jaws (just the bit that sounds like the noise) – also…never seen Star Wars. I’ve forgotten what number phenomena it is, although I’m going to guess 70 or so, it was after I’d been called an artist by a librarian.

I’ve added new noise to it, the sound I have from sitting on the sculpture court and knitting sounds sort of like these, in that it’s really distorted (without me doing anything – sculpture court is echoey and has a brilliant floor for walking on) and kind of…electronic-y maybe. It’s actually just people talking, footsteps, something beeping (really high pitched and annoying) and occasional clicking of needles/me muttering. I’ve distorted it a bit more, so it sounds more like the number stations – I had an amazing plan of finding one on my radio, but I’ve rubbed off the labels for the buttons from using it too much and I’m not sure that it does analogue. I’m kind of tempted to add in numbers, and make a kind of fake version. Because I’ve got a whole lot of numbers from the phenomena data, and they’re not being used for much, and it’d be good to do something with them. I’m trying to work out how (and how possible it’d be) to broadcast it in some way. Anyway, creepy noise with creepy video. Not intentionally.

I played it quite big on Wednesday or whenever in the room of blackness (expect where it isn’t), with speakers so it was loud. As sinister as it seems to sound it was quite nice being sat in the dark with it. I’m getting distracted by video/projecting things again, which is fine but it’s harder to find a way to do that – I can leave rugs and squares all over the place, projectors require some darkness and plugs and me staying with it so it doesn’t vanish. As much as I love the-almost-entirely-dark-room, it’s specifically used for showing work, so that doesn’t really fit with the whole project of ‘go put your work somewhere that work doesn’t normally go’. There’s too many things I need to do, I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to present as a vaguely final thing, I’m meant to know that. I’ve narrowed down what I was doing, but it’s hard to definitively say what I’ll show next Friday.

I have some screenshots of the knitting noise (the effect that made it sound interesting was ‘wahwah’, which is incredibly fun to say), it’s very…spiky.

Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 11.04.13

Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 11.04.13-2

Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 11.00.39

I did the liney sound videos again, they sound much better with speakers that aren’t on the ceiling. And the screenshots I have look nice big.


Paper bags… intermedia-paper-bag-man (it’s too much fun hyphenating people) brought me a pile of 32 paper bags (well, it was 32 – he drew on one then took it away before I could steal it) and a pen (used for the square drawings I like), which is supposedly quite precise. Although I’m unable to do anything that’s not slightly (or very) squint, it’s a nice pen though. It was very hard to not squeal in happiness, I like pens. I’m not actually doing anything with paper bags (I wrote that, then realised I’d made a huge paper bag the other week), so I’m not quite sure how I ended up with bags, but they’ll be useful… I’m using one as blotting paper at the moment, I was colouring in squares of tissue earlier (I don’t know either, it’s best not to ask anymore), and the paper-bag-pen bled through nicely.




Wall is slowly filling up again, although more with random crap than anything (fortune cookie wrapper, fortune, bits and pieces from my flat). I took the last of my milk in today, I felt like soya milky tea for a change. (The wine glass is not for drinking purposes, it’s been used for I don’t know what since December).


Steph stuck this onto my wall, seeing as I’m having to knit so much.


The now traditional Wednesday whisky, I’m attempting to work through as many as possible…yesterday was Talisker which is tasty (aahh alliteration). Not such a good idea to try whisky before trying weird flavoured cider, eugh.


I’m meant to be knitting again, but this needed writing and we actually left in the daylight for once (I think staying late so often means we can leave early every now and then). It looked like this out of my window this morning, which was nice and cheerful.



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