I’m getting a bit sick of knitting.

In Edinburgh College of Art on February 8, 2013 at 9:30 pm

I’m not a completer finisher. Hence losing all interest in finishing the scarf-that-looks-like-sweetcorn, and cutting down the rug so there’s a more manageable number of squares to knit (read: I’m making it more of a square, albeit a squint one). Only 26 or so left to do…and then dye them all, and stitch them all together… There’s more squares than this, but I completely forgot to take a picture before I left.


I have slightly clearer sound of knitting needles clicking and thread squeaking, so I’m going to distort that over the weekend and add in some numbers (all of the data that the colours refer to is numbers after all, it’d be nice to use it). I spent last night looking for ways to broadcast noise, the least illegal way would probably be via the student radio thingy (I’ve sent an email, asking if it’d be at all possible to interrupt programmes for several seconds with my audio – I have no idea if it’ll even work, but wouldn’t that be good?). Hopefully that’ll work out, or if not I’ll find another way to do something vaguely similar. I’d say that was quite outside the white cube…I seem to be sticking to a little bit creepy (totally given up on doing nice things, seems to only be freaky) and the number stations broadcasts sound quite eerie/freaky (especially if you decide early in the morning is a good time to research, my fault I know). And I found a nice collection of recordings of number stations.

More projection-y things…just because it’s fun than any real reason. Maybe that’s a good enough real reason. I do keep needles in my hair.





Knitting, but with the wrong sounds. It’s odd to watch something and not hear the right noise, so these have the original noise from the water video (pile driver and waves) and then the edited version of knitting on the sculpture court (which technically is the right thing, but doesn’t sound it).

Looking through pictures of books (it’s sometimes easier to photograph bits of books rather than write it all out…) I found this lovely little bit, which I’d completely forgotten about. But it fits nicely, I think I chose it because it fitted nicely at the time…good that it still does I guess. Kind of like the David McCandless infographics and Information Is Beautiful, but more physical, tangible. Data is almost always flat, on paper or a screen and it’s nice (I need a dictionary) to be able to hold it, wear it, be surrounded by it.


And Steph came in with this for me this morning, story of my life… I’m so unbelievably screwed if I ever need to anything not squint.


I’m trying and failing to answer these questions for the feedback I have to write (yeah yeah, early I know).

  • If you were to do this again would you do it differently?
  • What will you do next as a result of what you have learned?
  • How have you evidenced your outcomes?
  • What methods have you used to communicate your outcomes?
  • How well did you present your outcomes?
  • What was difficult about this project?

Inevitably, yes to the first one. No idea for the second. I have absolutely no idea for the fifth.


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