More colourful things…

In Edinburgh College of Art on February 11, 2013 at 9:06 pm

I had such high hopes of being amazingly productive today and that just…didn’t happen (although, it didn’t happen because several hours were spent talking of all things). I’ve only got twelve more ‘squares’ to knit for the sort-of-possibly-pointless rug (I say pointless, because something possibly better might happen tomorrow, but it’s too exciting and if it’s crap it’ll be really depressing), I spent quite a while dying more (only 18 cyan squares left to do…). It’s made a bit of a mess, but it looks tasty.







Looks better as some a pair of rather snazzy trousers I think. Although if it rains that won’t go well.



Not much else to add… I’m at the point where I’m getting a bit sick of this work, and I’m actually looking forward to doing pretty much nothing next week (nothing actually being attempting to read and start essay writing and I don’t know what else). I actually finished a book yesterday (never mind that it’s taken a month, and it was quite a short book). Ehm. This has kinda come up a lot lately but…art school is far more cliquey than I’d (perhaps quite naively) imagined. I have no idea why I thought it wouldn’t be, but it’s a little disappointing. I don’t particularly mind, it just seems…odd almost.  I’m going to go sleep (or more accurately, go watch the nice old series of House of Cards), I’ve been struggling to make coherent sentences again (brain is completely…gone – I managed to sabotage the card machine in Sainsbury’s twice).


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