Lack of interruptions and the complexities of trying to be nice

In Edinburgh College of Art, Interesting things on February 13, 2013 at 8:05 pm

The whole amazing thing I got so excited about…didn’t happen. There was just a lot of swearing on my part instead. But it should happen next Tuesday, may as well say now though. I made fake-number-station-noise, which was supposed to be broadcast on the student radio that no one really knew existed, but done so it’d seem like interference, rather than something deliberate. But didn’t happen, because they couldn’t get into the studio for some reason. So I sat in an empty room recording crap music for an hour just in case it suddenly happened. Next week…next week. And the noise… It’s a tad quiet, I got my laptop to talk because I couldn’t do it in a regular enough rhythm. I kept having to breathe and stuff. Ridiculously excited again now.

I’ve got a whole load of interruption-y stuff to look at too, which is always good. There’s a whole load of short films made to be shown in between programmes – unexpectedly – which are interesting, there’s one by John Smith, who did The Girl Chewing Gum – the end sounds like some of the noise I have, but it’s just nice anyway. I like the David Hall ones, it’s not letting me embed them though (Emma, I guarantee you’ll need to pee after watching it). And there’s a nice quote to go with it.

The idea of inserting them as interruptions to regular programmes was crucial and a major influence on their content. That they appeared unannounced, with no titles, was essential.. These transmissions were a surprise, a mystery. No explanations, no excuses. Reactions were various. I viewed one piece in an old gents’ club. The TV was permanently on but the occupants were oblivious to it, reading newspapers or dozing. When the TV began to fill with water newspapers dropped, the dozing stopped. When the piece finished normal activity was resumed. When announcing to shop assistants and engineers in a local TV shop that another was about to appear they welcomed me in. When it finished I was obliged to leave by the back door. I took these as positive reactions…’
DH, 19:4:90 Television Interventions catalogue, 1990.

Hall’s transmissions formed part of the SAC’s Locations Edinburgh event, the first exhibition in Britain to be staged outside the confines of a gallery.

If the last bit is true then it’s rather fitting, or more so. I really never thought I’d say it, but I quite like doing sound things. Although they all sound quite similar so far, stuck on creepy and distorted I think. Broadcasting seems like an oddly…comfortable way of showing/releasing/however you want to say it work. I don’t like that at the best of times (although I’m better at it, maybe…). It’s not really that it’s ‘easier’ to make something that sounds nice instead of something that looks nice, but I really don’t have to be there for it to happen! Which is always good.

It’s horribly horribly impossible to do nice things, and it really shouldn’t be! I sent badges to three people – two in the post and one as a scavenger hunt. I successfully managed to freak out the poor souls that got them in the post, I’m doubtful that the scavenger hunt was actually ‘sweet’. Remind me to never do that again, I’ll just give up on nice things for now. It’s odd how it can become so…distorted, into this suspicious almost hostile thing, when all I wanted was to sort of say thank you without actually doing that. Ah well. Something to think about.

Rug is quite rug like. It was briefly an interesting skirt this afternoon though. I’ve done six rows, only three more… and all the squares are done and dyed. No more knitting for quite a while now I think.







I’ve been saving all the bits of string, because they look nice. Evidence…







No Wednesday whisky, Friday whisky instead. It was going to be a post-crit celebration, but crit ha been moved to Monday I think, although they’re individual ones rather than talking at lots of people. Which is fine. Wednesday gallery-ing and getting very rained on instead. There’s an incredibly vague (and stress inducing!) idea of what I wouldn’t really call a trip to London next week, more of an ‘oh look you all turned up, that’s nice’. I was quite happy having never ever had to deal with looking up hotel rooms. I’m quite happy to never have to do that again. It’s lucky I never spend money really, if I do end up going. Nothing else is really happening next week, no teaching. So I’m going to actually read for the damn essay I’m supposed to know what I’m doing for. Not going well, that. I need to go wrap birthday presents and do work and sleep and I don’t know what else.

  1. There was a lot of running water. Evil child! More evidence of not nice!!!!!

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