A whole lot of quotes and some essay progress

In Collections, Edinburgh College of Art, Quotes on February 16, 2013 at 2:26 pm

No quotes for a while, and I just found lots. Some old, maybe repeated. I don’t know.

  • “You read it as fuck fest.”
  • “I’ve got to wash God off the plant pots.”
  • “And a barrel we pinched from outside a pub.”
  • “When everything is collapsing…you need to do things for yourselves.”
  • “Let’s have cake. With David Bowie.”
  • “That’s why you don’t wear pants, so you can never be wet to your pants.”
  • “Are you ready to die and go to Maryland?”
  • “We still think of you as the God of Computers.”
  • “I don’t know if you can see.”
  • “I can feel Murray’s feet from here.”
  • “Dodgy dealings.”
  • “I don’t know how people can catch crabs.”
  • “Sharking? Isn’t that something dodgy?”
  • “Library within the library.”
  • “We’re probably in bed with a £500 cat.”
  • “Someone’s having a good Christmas…”
  • “Oh good I like those. They tell me if I’m dead.”
  • “Oh God, it’s huge.”
  • “With a flaming vagina.”
  • “Don’t take my fucking nose again!”
  • “We hate Greenberg.”
  • “Art is a language.”
  • “She was a woman…”
  • “You do understand, that’s the problem.”
  • “Not to trust your memory.”
  • “Ridiculously over optimistic.”
  • “I ended up on a bench with Jude Law and Sienna Miller.”
  • “Get to people whilst they’re young.”
  • “Exploring it through making stuff.”
  • “Horse meat? I like horse meat.”
  • “You can tell I’m sort of going to waffle on a bit.”
  • “It’s just about having fun.”
  • “Always think about words.”
  • “Your voices are powerful.”
  • “Just part of the bollocks.”
  • “Sit back and let these monkeys perform for us.”
  • “You can’t say anything that’s fully wrong.”
  • “You couldn’t figure out where the actual art was.”
  • “…screaming with delight when they came into the gallery for some reason.”
  • “He spent a lot of time in prison. Mainly because he liked sex.”
  • “Curating is no more than intelligent marketing.”
  • “It’s all about people.”
  • “Understand through making things.”
  • “Really quite a character.”
  • “She’s a quantum physicist turned into a seed activist.”
  • “Making something beautiful out of something horrendous.”

Well…I say progress. In actuality all I’ve done is start colour coding, and reading. There’s a very vague plan at the moment, the only bit that isn’t vague is which question I’m going to stick to (the first one – was the twentieth century ‘not so bad’). I like that bit of history, I used to be able to write history essays and I do sort of remember bits of history classes on useful things like Trotsky and his neat little glasses, waxworks of Lenin, Lloyd George’s beautiful moustache and Baldwin and his pipe… I might even still have my history coursework.

The hard part is choosing two art movements, although I’ve possibly narrowed it down to three (fluxus, constructivism, dada), because it’d be good to write about a movement I like and even better to write about one that could be (sort of) relevant to studio work. But then they need to relate to the really really vague bits of argument I have. It’s nice looking through the manifesto book I bought ages ago when I was doing manifesto things, seeing what I bookmarked then. And funny that one of the inspiration-y things I added into my mini-portfolio for here was the Fluxus manifesto… It’s not looking quite so dire anyway.


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