I lied about not doing anything.

In Edinburgh College of Art on February 19, 2013 at 9:56 pm

I knew it wouldn’t last long, I even have a quote to back it up.

‘creative people often attach such enormous importance to their work that it would be appropriate to describe it as an addiction […] never able to take a holiday from their work, and feel miserable or ill if they are unable to engage with it. […] Just as a diabetic deprived of insulin becomes ill, so a creative person deprived of his work may become mentally disturbed’
The Dynamics of Creation, A. Storr (1972), p. 70

I’m in no danger of becoming ‘mentally disturbed’ seeing as I have work to do… That book isn’t just disputing Freud, there’s some useful bits too. Expect to see it in an essay, soon. It looks like I’ve made progress with the essay – I’m building up to starting a paragraph (I think it might even happen!). The wall above my desk is now devoted to essay planning, song titles and lots of lists. It looked lonely-sad, now it just looks nerdy-sad (justifiable, I’ve just been reading a UN report on human development). It means I’ve actually written down some slightly less vague points, and they’re starting to link together and it might just…work.

I did this too. It’s a slight lie that there’s been ‘extensive’ interviewing. But there will be. So it’s okay. And there’s more to add, but I stopped so I might actually write something worthwhile (going well so far…).

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 21.24.13


This has nothing to do with anything, except it was whilst I was watching potential playlist things last night (playlist is here on YouTube), and I found it funny that even the internet thinks I’m old(er than I actually am). Thanks, internet.

Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 21.48.58


I got up to make tea and started doing these again. If you’ve been paying attention you’ll know where they’re from of course (endurance drawing last semester). I couldn’t face drawing anything, but wanted to have done something, and the amount of tea I drink I think that counts as everyday. Sketchbook was looking sad with only pages of notes recently. Movement from making tea (walking to the sink and back, getting tea out of the cupboard, getting a cup, pouring water, pouring – and spilling – tea), small kitchen! I know it’s not new or exciting, but gotta start somewhere.





I’ve emailed a local radio station, in the hopes that they might actually be able to broadcast my noise for me. Not entirely optimistic, and I should probably have done more work before doing that. We’ll see.


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