It’s really nice not doing anything.

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Even though I’m actually doing things, there’s an illusion of not doing anything seeing as there no studio project at the moment (but I know what it is, and I’m thinking about it…vague idea for that too, I’m just refusing to do anything about it). ‘Not doing anything’ actually means being slightly adventurous and lacking any restraint in choosing library books. And not getting up early, but still not really sleeping. No joy with the radio interruptions again (I need a hug, seriously), but next project might work with that, so if need be I could always…broadcast it myself. Somehow.

There’s not a whole lot to write… Crit-that-wasn’t-really was alright, it’s hard to talk/explain when it’s already been…explained and I’d just be repeating and I don’t like doing that. Managed not to get lost in the ECA library though…and I managed to not clear out the little fluxus section. Yet to brave the scary-huge-real library, even though the most useful looking books are there. Tomorrow…or the day after…some point. In the future. Not really read much, even though that was my (not so) cunning plan for today – I’m closer to finishing The Dynamics of Creation though, a year and a half after buying the silly thing. Hopefully (theoretically) I’ll have started essay writing by the end of the week, that’s a very very optimistic plan.

I have a new plan for research (really peaked too soon – last essay had nice, feasible, research, this is far far harder), and it’ll keep me happy/amused. It might help if I put the essay question in, so it makes some sense.

Well listen
Well the modern world is not so bad
Not like the students say
In fact I’d be in heaven
If you’d share the modern world with me
With me in love with the U.S.A now
With me in love with the modern world now
Put down the cigarette
And share the modern world with me
– Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers

Was the modern world ‘not so bad’? Discuss in relation to two modernist art movements of the early twentieth century.

It starts with a song, and I like putting interesting things into essays – can you see where I’m going yet? I’m going to attempt to get as many lyrics in as possible, without it being forced, which is probably harder than it sounds. And a few years ago (in the odd five minutes when I thought doing an economics degree might be interesting) there was an essay competition that I never did, the title I liked was War. What is it good for? True fact. I’m going to find some relevant people to ask though, and make a little playlist to go alongside the essay. Nothing really to do with anything (well, sorta is) and definitely more for my amusement than anything else. But then most of the essay was just for fun too. Evidently works. Starts here…

I’m yet to make any actual progress on y’know…writing the essay. I’ve got a semi-useable bibliography/reference list and an appendix, which is something. My vague bits of argument are now even more vague. I need to reread all my notes I think. And colour code. That always helps. If I’m feeling really optimistic (pah!) I might start a paragraph, blank pages are scary again which isn’t good.

And now there’s just a lot of pictures. Mostly of drinks. Good coffee (and also some very tiny spoons) – and pens my mum sent me.


And then onto gin (or cider, if you’re strange like Steph). Managed to take up quite a big table between the two of us.


I started today with tea and disputing Freud. Always a good start to a day…


Wall is looking incredibly sad at the moment, everything has been stuffed in the back of my sketchbook to be dealt with when I need to avoid essay writing. That sign is the best thing I’ve ever got through the post. Or the best that I can remember. Trouble is I haven’t worn my lab coat for a while. And I did buy more tea, just for my desk. There’s now a choice of three.


  1. When H17 WDNTFGT came out it was banned on Radio 1 and I had to ask for it for it from behind the counter in Our Price record shop! I don’t think it was even out on display!

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