(even more) string

In Edinburgh College of Art on February 26, 2013 at 6:01 pm

I wasn’t planning on doing string things, but I’ve spent all afternoon drawing string (what actually happens at art school – drawing string and spending half an hour scribbling) so it looks like I’m doing string. I’ve made string sound funny from saying it too much now. I was looking at my shoelaces and there’s a page in an old sketchbook where I drew out how to do a slipknot (when I was doing the data beads actually, so not that long ago), but it looks nice as a diagram/drawing, and I had no idea what else to draw (having been instructed to draw I needed something). So I’ve made a nice little shoelace, but mostly for drawing purposes.



8509793341_0438d9bda5_b 8509796609_af5281bc55_b




I did do other stuff, I’m just kinda…floating about at the moment. Not really sure where it’ll go, but that’s not so bad. There’s some drawings of eye movements, because I got Steph to video my eyes. Although that’s not really ‘familiar’ seeing as I have no idea I’m doing it, I can’t see it and I can’t feel it. But it’s everyday I guess, in that it happens regardless. A very slowed down, fuzzy, version.

The colours are for the speed of video, red is really fast and blue really slow. And alternating directions just because. There’s pencil ones too, but they don’t look as interesting (I bought a really really nice pencil today…stationery buying mood, hence special drawing sketchbook). Left eye, then right eye.




Also…Steph bought me a mug! It’s meant to make Clangers noises when it’s hot, but it makes number station noises all of the time instead. It’s still lovely.



And other excitement…I proved how much of an old woman I am by going to a Radio 4 thing last Friday, mainly because it involved Steve Punt. Which is a good enough reason for anything. I even knew the answers to the art history questions, which was a plus. Yesterday was meeting-external-examiner-guy, which was alright. Possibly a bit harsher than strictly necessary, but mostly nice. I think. I’ve been listening to this (it’s so long…), I like a bit of Philip Glass. This one is full of numbers.


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