Tape drawings (and drawing drawings)

In Edinburgh College of Art on March 10, 2013 at 7:21 pm

Essay made progress yesterday…and then didn’t today. I’ve gained a sentence, just about. But I got rid of a book and read and…ehm. Watched Crufts with all the sweet fluffy dogs. I’m still vaguely hoping I’ll have something of a draft done by the end of this week, but I think that’s a complete lie. More than a third through the word count though (excluding the notes telling me to do stuff)… I carried pretty much my weight in books yesterday, not such a good idea. And I failed to do any drawing.

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 15.34.17


Sticking with drawing, sorta.




I started drawing on the wall (I’d like to point I’m not actually drawing on the wall, sticky back plastic on a wall…), and I’ve got the project space booked Thursday morning so I can do a huge version. Although I’ve cut my lip from biting all the tape. It was going to be colourful, but I didn’t have my electrical tape, and it’s kinda nice that it’s wall-coloured. I’ll get colourful tape too though… Annoyingly someone (several possibly) have done tape things, even more annoyingly doing the shape of things, ah well. But there’s these quite lovely portraits done in packing tape










And drawing on more things, I wanted an excuse to buy plastic wine glasses. I don’t own any wine glasses (or just glasses really – it was slightly strange that whoever was on the till on Friday evening asked if I was planning on drinking tonight, I evidently looked that awful/needing a drink…we were gonna go to the pub, but it was full…). It’s slightly strange to drink out of, but nice to look through.





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