Forget string – even more tape things

In Edinburgh College of Art on March 15, 2013 at 8:35 am

Hm, not really in a writing mood (all of my writing is being forced into essay writing, and that’s not really going anywhere), apart from angry-ranting-writing, which isn’t fun. To cut a long story short, I lost my mind. No, that’s not strictly true. Essay deadline has been moved forward a week (meaning eleven days for it to be done), thanks for that. The whole putting lyrics into it isn’t going too well at the moment, trying to write something decent first…I’m yet to actually talk about work (which is not good – not meant to be a history essay…), although I’m tempted to try and get ch-ch-changes in there somehow. Blegh. I was going to write more this evening (wonderfully unproductive afternoon), but I seem to be writing this instead.

This morning was productive though…I started working at 8! I hadn’t been in that early before, I thought it was quiet at 9. I covered the project space (aka: an empty room, I have no idea who came up with ‘project space’) with tape lines drawn from dropping string. Which was kinda nice, it didn’t look as shit as it could have, and it’s incredibly satisfying ripping huge bits of tape off the wall. Makes a good noise too. There’s some pictures, but it’s hard to photograph. Videos might be clearer, there’s some of it being put up and one of it all coming down. I’m the only person to have seen all of it, three others have seen most of it, but I kind of like it that way. I’ve kept all the tape (almost three rolls) in a scrunched up ball. Which also makes a good noise. Gotten distracted by sound again.







The ball of tape is also nice to just hold, I’ve been sat with it on my lap afternoon (which isn’t at all weird, considering it’s also been a face – with eyes and glasses! – and a pregnant stomach), like a really crap version of a cat. We’re blissfully crit-free for this project, and a new project, at some point.

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