‘Make up a holiday day’

In Uncategorized on March 26, 2013 at 7:51 pm

Not actually much to say. But today is Make Up A Holiday Day, which is a nice coincidence, yesterday we were talking about having a Snufkin Sunday. I started looking for odd national holidays this morning and found that. So I did. I’ve decided (based on weather forecast alone) that next Monday will be Wander Aimlessly In The Manner Of Snufkin Day. Or possibly a better name.

There’s not really much said about where Snufkin goes, he goes south for the winter and comes back for the spring. Given that it’s (supposedly) spring I’m going to migrate north. I’m not sure how far I’ll walk, just north until I get to something interesting/beautiful I guess. We’ll see on Monday… I need to create a pack or something, things to survive. Shelter. Not sure what else.

I’m planning on observing/following/doing something for as many national days (if they can be called that) as possible. Ideally a years worth. There’s plenty of odd ones… Walk Around Things Day, Draw A Picture Of A Bird Day, Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day. It’ll be nice to have something slightly independent of set studio work I think…

20130326-081244 PM.jpg

I found a PDF of Joyce’s Ulysses, which I’ve started. I think it’ll be nicer – easier – to read in book form. I didn’t realise how long it was… It’s funny though, in a way. I’ve read most of The Dubliners by now, I read The Dead and picked a Father Ted to watch at random, strangely the one where Father Jack dies & there’s a (slightly amended) paragraph or so from The Dead at the end… Art appearing in everyday things… Anyway. I’d been writing everything from walks – thoughts, associations. ideas – which is oddly Ulysses like in it’s stream of consciousness, didn’t realise that until this morning either. I started writing a big version yesterday morning, and we went to the Annie Lennox thing at the Portrait Gallery which had a very big wall of continuous text. Funny how these things keep turning up – interruptions on the radio yesterday… That’s pretty much all the excitement I think – essay deadline passed uneventfully (aside from getting giggly on a pitiful amount of beer). There’s a vague rumour of belated feedback at some point soonish. Maybe.


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