Something on a stick day

In Days, Edinburgh College of Art on March 30, 2013 at 10:32 am

Which was the 28th March… I made a moon on a stick (what else do you want on a stick?!), we had one in the campervan for a while. Yesterday was Smoke and Mirrors day, so I spent ages watching videos of coin tricks and stuff, I can assure you I’d be useless. The most impressive magic trick I’ve ever ever seen is my dad pulling cucumber out of his ears. I’m very easily impressed… Today is Take A Walk In A Park Day, which’ll be easy enough seeing as I have to go collect film/prints, which involves walking through Princes St gardens, it’s also I Am In Control Day. But I’m not sure I could do much for that, I’ve been following part of last semesters feedback, not necessarily intentionally anymore, to ‘make space for unknown factors, to lose control sometimes’. I didn’t think I’d like doing that, but I keep doing it so it can’t be that bad.

I finished the big writing thing, used up all the ink in my nice brush pen (lucky there was a spare cartridge…), I’m trying not to use the black as much, seeing as I’ll probably do another at least that size of Monday’s walk, but they’re just so nice to write/draw with… Looks alright anyhow.



It’s kind of like the painting thing I did I guess, well in a big bit of paper covered in writing way. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not. Still pissed off I got told my drawings contained no information, I knew I was bad but that was slightly uncalled for. Lucky I was never dying to switch to painting.

I have a vague idea of where I’m walking on Monday, in a relatively straight line North from the studio (going round big things in the way, like castles). Printed map was kinda hard to see and I was bored so it’s been coloured in, easier to know where I’m heading now. It’s a bit under 3 miles to get to the sea from the studio, and the bit where I’ll end up is where the North Sea meets the Firth of Forth, which is kinda nice. Which also means at some point you can walk south to get the North Sea… Apparently it’s nice.



I’ve started to put together my stuff for Monday, it shouldn’t take that long to walk there, so I’ll wander along the coast for a bit then come back in the afternoon. See if I can find anything interesting. Going to the sea was on my to do list for this year, not many of the other things have been done, probably only one or two I think, so that’s something. I’m getting some tent material off Steph at some point today (I say tent material, it’s waterproof, I’m not planning on making a tent out of it, all in your head…), I’m using a mail bag as a sleeping bag (stuff got emptied out of my locker, I got a mail bag, I fit in the mail bag), and I’ll take my blanket as well. I’ve got part of a picnic rug somewhere too. I’m hopefully borrowing an empty lighter so I can pretend I have fire (really really don’t like fire). I’ll probably take a book, sketchbook, voice recorder, camera…Snufkin hat. And…stuff.

It’s turned into a strange mix of stories now, there’s Snufkin, but the tent (made of fabric and string) is kind of a Swallows & Amazons tent, I’ll make marmalade sandwiches which is Paddington, the looking for rubbish is The Wombles (or Bagpuss, or the Clangers…). I’m avoiding Rankin books at the moment, I don’t want to scare myself before walking anywhere… There’s Ulysses in the background (found it as an audiobook – 32 hours long…) in all it’s minute detail, annoyingly I’m only on page 88 at the moment. Sabriel and Lirael (does the walker choose the path or the path choose the walker?) both walk a lot, go off exploring and I love those books, although I have no intention of walking through death. I dressed up as Lirael once, I’m not sure anyone got it… Strange mix of things really. Walking someone else’s walk.


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