Writing and almost-goodbye studio

In Days, Edinburgh College of Art on April 4, 2013 at 8:53 pm

We’re being kicked out of the studio soon…officially the 22nd, but I’m not here for the last week of Easter break so before then really. I had a slightly obsessive clean up yesterday (tidied up all the crap and swept everything within an inch of its life) and felt better (it was horrible and messy, some of it was spotless for…a while), my desk is being moved into an office next week so I’ve been emptying that. It’s really sad having an empty desk! And leaving the studio… Moving into Arts Complex after Easter to do exhibition work. Which’ll be strange. We’re all done by the middle of May, so I can probably finish all those books I started…in theory. I booked a storage unit this morning, that was weird, and tomorrow we’re signing the lease for the flat. No crit tomorrow either (yay!), assessment after Easter-that-isn’t-actually-Easter (not so yay). We got feedback on Monday too, from absolutely ages ago. T’was lovely and I might have squealed. Again, not hard. I just need to be decisive…pah. Need to finish writing my evaluation for the last six weeks…

Finished the other writing thing from migrating, I got the other one photocopied onto tracing paper yesterday so I’ll do the same tomorrow and see what they look like layered up. It’s fun picking words from each line and making new sentences/phrases out of it, it is mostly nonsense and I don’t really know what it says. I wrote them almost entirely from memory, just looking at notes every now and then. It’s strange because some of the things I have written I don’t remember, or my writing is just getting worse and worse so I’ve read it wrong and invented something else. So there’s a kind of grey area where I don’t know whether it’s truth or fiction, and no one else will know either. I didn’t realise they’d actually be read, they weren’t really…made for that, just for the sake of writing. It’s…odd having things I think and don’t say aloud read and known and seen by someone else.





Empty wall, empty desk. I have no idea what to take for assessment, or how to take it. I’m fairly sure the thing for this project (shock horror – a decision!) was the instruction to walk north until the land runs out and/or (not so much of a decision after all) Walk North Day, and the writing and things I picked up and everything else are just…a byproduct, proof. But just turning up with an instruction seems like cheating somehow. I don’t know…I’ll think about it. Possibly hard to show something when the something is walking and the showing is stationary.

There was a strange selection of post this morning, I did make cake pops. They’re slightly strange, I didn’t put enough in so it’s really half a cake pop.


Getting behind on days too… April 2nd was Children’s Book Day, I read The Tales of Beedle The Bard and made a list of my favourite books. Yesterday was Tweed Day, I went to go buy tweed, but I wasn’t really planning on spending £60 on a tweed jacket I’d wear for the afternoon. So that was sad. Aaron was wearing tweed-ish shoes though. Yesterday was also Don’t Go To Work Unless It’s Fun Day. And today is Walk Around Things Day. Tomorrow will be easy to do – Walk To Work Day

This is also sad, I met him a while ago…

  1. Not sure I can ‘like’ a sad post…

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