Coffee cake day

In Days, Edinburgh College of Art on April 7, 2013 at 3:54 pm

Cake pops haven’t quite been perfected, though they look/taste better than the first lot. I even put sticks in some of these ones…and added coffee, just for coffee cake day. Definitely helped using normal cake recipe instead of suggested cake pop recipes. Yesterday was Pillow Fight Day (which I didn’t do, hard to have a pillow fight by yourself) and Sorry Charlie Day, which is apparently ‘for all of us who have been spurned, and yet somehow survived it.’ How that ended up as Sorry Charlie day I don’t know.



I’ve been trying to choose stuff for assessment and the mini-folio-thing we have to do, it’s…hard. Such decisiveness. There’s lots of things I don’t want to include, but that’s not useful really because then I’ll end up with nothing. I’m not sure if I should things from last semester for the folio, though I’m not sure what. But I must have been doing something right. Trouble is I can’t really remember what I’ve done this semester let alone last year, don’t want to miss something really obvious…I think it’ll be alright though, nothing’s gone horribly wrong.

I got the other piece of writing done onto tracing paper, they didn’t look amazing put together because I couldn’t get them to stay close enough together. Probably needs laminating or something but then it’ll be shiny. It looks kinda interesting if it’s just off the original.





I think I’ll use this week (and next week in Leicester) do start doing exhibition-y things, not got a brief yet so I’m just making it up a bit. Didn’t plan when I was going home very well with Steph, so we’ve managed to not be in Edinburgh at the same time except for a day, so no doing stuff, there’s most of May and all of June though… I leave at the start of July and come back for the start of September to move into the flat, I don’t think we start until the middle-ish of September again. Annoyingly the Amanda Palmer show that I got tickets for for Christmas (which was meant to be in March) is the middle of July. Gone completely off track. I’m not sure what I’m going to do (when do I ever?), but maybe carrying on doing something sort of similar – not necessarily migrating or anything, but the public/private thing might go somewhere. I’ve got an accidental eleven and a bit hour recording from after migrating, from when I went to get to coffee to wait for film until at some point in the middle of the night, I’m very slowly doing a transcript of that. Although it’s been hard to actually distinguish much so far, so many people speaking it’s all just noise, but it’s quite interesting because there’s a rhythm to it, there’s quite regular bits of quiet and not so quiet. One of the recordings I have of the sea (and gulls, and traffic) is kinda interesting too, because when it’s reversed it sounds really really similar.




How sad does that look? I’ll take the tape down tomorrow too… Then it’ll be goodbye until September.


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