In Days, Edinburgh College of Art, Uncategorized on April 10, 2013 at 1:48 pm

It’s odd how words/writing seem to be my exhibition default, expect lots more word things. Can’t go wrong with words, not really, and I’m fairly sure I can write. Not so sure about anything else, so maybe it’s not so strange at all. Although perhaps I should be a tad more…adventurous, I don’t know. Next year…but then I’ll probably say that every year. I had a sort of plan yesterday – or the day before – and now I don’t so much. More words.





I’m sort of tempted by the Glasshouse Request, writing writing writing. I might do something, I might not. And now I want a pseudonym…

April 8th seems to be a good day for dying – Thatcher, Picasso, Cobain and the first Briton to die in the electric chair. I’m having an Andrew Marr moment, I like the impersonations of Attlee in the Making of Modern Britain…and don’t forgot the woollen swimming costume… Anyway, yesterday was Winston Churchill Day, fifty years ago Churchill became the second person to become an honorary citizen of the U.S. (the first being the Marquis de LaFayette). Interesting fact for the day right there. Today is Sibling’s Day, which is hard for me to do anything for, tomorrow is 8 track tape day and some other things.

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