Nothing intelligent, but Otto says hi.

In Books, Days on April 14, 2013 at 7:53 pm



He looks incredibly smug. And he’s still just as fat. And makes me very sneezy. Expect lots and lots of cat pictures, or at least some. I flew south yesterday – which doesn’t sound as nice as walking north – which was a year (exactly) since I left Edinburgh for the first time. 13th April will have to be leave Edinburgh day. Some tape art for 8 track tape day (11th April), the 12th was International Day of Human Space Flight (and 50 years since the first female flight in space – Valentina Tereshkova in 1963). Yesterday was Scrabble Day and Blame Someone Else Day, and more I think. But here’s John enjoying scrabble…Em won, as always. Because she isn’t competitive at all.


Today is several things – Ex-Spouse Day (who on earth came up with that?), hot cross bun day – even though it’s not Easter anymore…but I made some anyway (and forgot the sugar & salt for…a while) – and look up at the sky day. My piping is…ehm…not amazing, but they look better than last time at least.



Presentation-making for assessment is coming along, I think it’s pretty much done, maybe tweak a few things. Now I just need to work out what to say. It’s hard showing things that weren’t really meant to be seen, only known about (if we’re being finicky and looking back at the project brief it does say ‘do not treat the site as an outdoor gallery or merely a source for images from which to make photographs, paintings or sculptures that are presented in a ‘white cube’ art space’, which I’m taking to mean don’t make something for a white cube/gallery space, so I’m not…). Maybe I’m being a tad stubborn about it. But there we go, my own fault for doing something hard to show I suppose. It’s being shown as text and pictures, which will have to do.

Two types of sea. What I really (sometimes) do when not sleeping.





Went to see this on Saturday, which was nice. Nice seeds on little squares of paper and jars of earth and rubbed out letters and books made of things. I’m going to go back to my moomin reading, I’m going through all of them finding Snufkin quotes.


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