Landfall (there’s no time…)

In Edinburgh College of Art, Rambling on April 17, 2013 at 5:51 pm


Fluffier things first though. I entirely failed at pet owner’s independence day (today), I was going to go all day without stroking Otto, he’s been on my lap most of the afternoon. Looking fluffy and adorable. I managed the 15th easily enough – eraser day – took about three minutes of drawing before I did something wrong. Yesterday was librarian day (no libraries though), stress awareness day (I was aware that I was slightly stressed that all of my grades from last semester vanished) one day without shoes (which I didn’t do, because we went into town and that wouldn’t be nice). Today is also blah blah blah day, which is what we called the dog, or I did anyway (just the blah blah blah bit).




There is a plan…meaning sort of. There’s less time than I thought. Work for the exhibition stuff needs to be done by (possibly) Tuesday, and then looking all neat and tidy for Friday. Which is very soon. Too soon. Tuesday is also assessment, which is….ehm. Skip to the end. Anyway – it/exhibition opens Friday, for a week. Bits and pieces first, then ‘oh goodness there isn’t any time what am I going to do’-ing.

You started with a project called “Voyage”. This exhibition is titled “Landfall”, defined by Merriam-Webster as being, ‘a sighting of land after a voyage or flight’.

Which is suitably…vague. The rest is all timetabling which isn’t half as interesting. We’re obviously not trusted to title anything this time… It’s quite a nice (one of these days I’m going to sit down with a thesaurus and start using better words than ‘nice’) definition, and sort of fitting I suppose. Voyaging, journeying, come up a lot, and landfall is a good word, the point where land begins and sea ends, or when land ends and sea begins. Got a bit of a thing with the sea at the moment… I have no idea what I’m doing, because in my head there was an extra week and I don’t know where that came from, so there’s a week or so. Pish. I’ve been doing stuff, but I’ve chosen the worst possible time to do nothing (achievements of this week – new pub, new trousers, finished Sabriel, made pie). Speaking of…a new collection of quotes from fiction.



I’ve written a few more things, and printed onto canvas stuff, which looks quite nice. Although one side came out blue/green, even though it was printing grayscale… Nice though. I have more, to print with back in Edinburgh. Only got hand luggage to fly with, so no room for taking lots of things with me, in fact I had to carry a book in the pocket of my coat my rucksack was so full. No room, no time. Depending on how much space we get I’ll do one or several, double sided so light can go through…they make patterns. Perhaps suspended so they can be walked around rather than flat on a wall.




And in preparation for talk like Shakespeare day… (which is the 23rd, I’m sort of tempted to do assessment in a Shakespearean way, but I don’t really want to risk it, and it’s terrifying enough thank you very much).



And this…it works. I had to eat two tins of mandarins. It’s been used for talking, I’ve listened to music and the radio through it (with one tin wedged against my bedroom door and me lying in the corridor) and I tried talking and recording it it didn’t stay taught enough, and I wasn’t far away enough to be able to talk loudly enough for it to work and not be able to just hear me talking. If that made any sense at all.



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