Goodbye Otto, hello work

In Days, Edinburgh College of Art, Rambling on April 22, 2013 at 6:10 pm

I seem to be rather behind in rambling. I came back on Saturday, I spent yesterday trying to sort out what I’m doing. And now I have this evening to very very quickly do it, and not make it too shit. I wish I was using something I’d already done, but none of that was right or good enough or anything really.


Days… April 18th was Amateur Radio day, I did look up all sorts of interesting things but it wasn’t useless enough for me to remember. The 19th was DNA Day and Bicycle Day, I did the latter, in that there was a pink bike in London and I took a picture.


20th was flying-back-north day (horribly turbulence, eugh) and Look alike day and record store day, this for record store day and this is my favourite lookalike ever.



I skipped yesterday because there was nothing possible/worth doing, today is Earth day, for which I scrubbed very very muddy veg. I think that’ll do. Tomorrow is St George’s Day and Talk like Shakespeare day

Friday we went to London, first class. Never done that before. Lots of nice things…including a gallery in a crypt.





I did some very squint bookmaking on Thursday, this one was the least squint (meaning very).



I came up with a sort of plan. Type in patterns, wave patterns, because I keep writing about the sea. I’m writing quickly with no plan, just writing what’s in my head and some gets repeated and reused and sometimes it’s new. It made more sense at one point that planning it all.


Today has been equally productive – I volunteered away most of my day – and equally sort-of-pointless (went all the way to where the exhibition will be – which was horribly euugghh – only to stay for about five minutes, not too happy). Space is quite…big. Tomorrow is going to be hectic, back to exhibition space for 10 and then back to ECA for assessment at half 2, and somewhere I’ve got to have done final things to my assessment presentation (which is crap) and the work needs to be done. I will stop moaning and start doing soon. I’m almost certainly going to be spending my summer doing this…the site specific thing, not the light thing.


  1. HOW have i only just seen the Cumberbatch otters now?!?!?!?! i feel like i’ve been depraved

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