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In Edinburgh College of Art on April 26, 2013 at 7:41 pm

Done done done done. I’m going to very happily do nothing for a while. Just keep doing days… Today is a month since I started observing days (March 26th being make up a holiday day), I couldn’t do Wednesday (pig in a blanket day), I looked at lots of pictures of penguins for penguin day yesterday. I’ve done two today – pretzel day and hug a friend day (the latter twice – Steph several times and a group hug). All three of tomorrow’s sound nice – Morse Code daytell a story day and sense of smell day.



Statement thing went up, I managed to cut the card squint…and it went on the wall a tad squint before Steph came to the rescue. It’ll do.


I’m never ever ever doing a private view without a hip flask again (because really whisky > wine any day). Best idea I’ve had in a while. I can still walk and all. Fitted nicely in my pocket too, hopefully I won’t end up with a hip flask shaped pocket like my other jeans have with my phone. It was alright actually, mostly skulking in corners but quite a few people turned up and it looked pretty alright eventually, although surprisingly…empty, at one point it looked really cluttered. Weird that it’s over – mostly – and it’s not even May yet. I started putting together the mini folio for moderation, I’m not sure that I even have ten things that count as resolved. As always it’ll be more research than finished… I’m sure there was more but I’d quite like to just curl up and read or sleep or something.

  1. Tasty looking pretzel!

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