Morse code day and other things

In Days, Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art on April 27, 2013 at 10:07 pm

Annoying that once I don’t need to do anything there’s a sudden flurry of things happening. I was the only one stupid enough (or possibly the only one to remember in time) to go turn on projectors/guard everything today (and tomorrow as well, joy) so I’ve spent most of the day drawing, which was nice. Grand total of thirteen people showed up to look at work, I kept a tally chart. And spoke, horror of horrors. I couldn’t do sense of smell day because I can’t smell anything at all at the moment, tell a story day and morse code day went well though…and kind of merged into one.

I started writing out ‘it was a dark and stormy night and the captain said to the mate…’ for story day and then wrote that as morse code (pattern, yum). And then wrote stories in morse code, trouble is I’ve go no idea what they say because I was doing it straight into dots and dashes and didn’t write it properly, and it’s hard to tell where one letter ends and another begins… I was reading a bit about pattern in Lines: A Brief History (yup, still not finished…), I’ll find the nice bit later and write it out.







I’ve started writing out texts that make me laugh, got possibly one of the funniest yesterday and Steph is good at funny ones… Might go somewhere, amusing anyway.

Mini folio is even more done, I had a complete mental block on all context-y things but I’ve remembered enough for now I think. I’d missed really obvious things. I just need to add in research/sketchbook things and I can hand it in.

And a very empty gallery.







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