threads and patterns and I’m not quite sure what else.

In Days, Edinburgh College of Art on May 3, 2013 at 10:06 pm

Doing nothing sort of worked for a change, though more of a doing nothing because I still feel ill (nothing new). Except it’s not really nothing (when is it ever?) because there’s been drawing and research and trying to get double sided tape off windows… And knitting, I’ve blanked the awful squint rug from my mind so I can manage to make something else squint, although it isn’t actually wonky at the moment. Impressive, it’s longer now and looking more scarf like. Not that I actually need any more scarves, I’ve already got six here.


More code drawings, they’re fun. And pattern is yummy. I can write almost fluently in morse code now. I want to test out tapping it onto people’s hands, I saw this (Two Stage Transfer Drawing, Dennis Oppenheim, 1971) again recently somewhere or other. But I didn’t see anyone I could really do that to today. Another day. I was tapping it to get the sound of it and that really wasn’t impressive at all. Figure something out eventually. As fun as it is to draw it’d be better maybe (see? I avoided nice) to do it another way as well.




Getting behind on days again. 28th was great poetry day, for which I found this. So sweet. Also blueberry pie day, I ate blueberries but I’m not sure that really counts.


I skipped the 29th, the 30th was international jazz day, for which I give you this, and hairstyle appreciation day – I did see a man with a very impressive beard dyed very bright red the other day, he got off the bus, sat on a wall and pulled out a MacBook and sat there quite comfortably. I also saw a man smoking a pipe the other day, did I say that already? I was unreasonably excited about that. I think Beltane was the 30th as well, if I wasn’t scared of fire I could have gone to some fire-y thing…but given that I am I didn’t look any further than that. May 1st was loyalty daynaturist day and may day, I have absolutely no idea what I did, but it wasn’t the last two. Maybe I skipped that one too. I should write these things down obviously. But also “the day that Marty McFly arrived on when he traveled into the future in Back to the Future II.”  May 12th 1984 is where they end up in Terminator… Yesterday was red squirrel awareness day, so my favourite squirrel.


I refuse to do anything for today, because it’s chocolate custard day, which is absolutely disgusting and wrong and shouldn’t be allowed. And in preparation for tomorrow

The exciting-unknown-thing I’m doing over the summer is coming along, things to research and Em went to the meeting thing I couldn’t go to (what with being 300 miles away). The shop we’ll be based in is apparently huge, and full of hair dye. I like history, I like research, I’m happy. Even if the history I actually like isn’t Roman, sorry Romans. But there’s an odd lot of things under – or used to be where – the space is – a lost church, two lost graveyards (totalling 1800 people), a bread oven from goodness-knows-when and a few Roman bits and pieces. I like a good graveyard. Space…I’ve walked past it a fair few times, but it was a hairdressers so kinda…not really worth remembering. Odd pink wallpaper.






I made (another) squint book too, the original one is being used for writing interesting facts about excavations in Leicester. I didn’t have enough paper to make a cover though, and the stitching ended up so loose I had to add some more…and some glue. It works now though…heh.



I did do the Glasshouse Request writing thing in the end, submitted under a pseudonym (which is a far better way of doing things, if it looks like I’m not doing anything in the future I probably am, just under a different name…). I…think it got accepted? ‘I’ll let you know when it’s published’ sounds quite definite anyhow. Must have been pretty desperate.

I handed in the folio thingy for moderation on Wednesday, I can guarantee it was better than assessment. Well, no I can’t really. We’re (meaning Steph) going on an adventure to the modern art gallery on Sunday to see this, which sounds good. Sort of tempted by one of the talks next week, but then I’m sort of tempted by one on Monday as well but it could be totally irrelevant and a waste of several hours. Not entirely sure where it is either. But there we go, excitement. And probably a pub trip soon, somewhat lacking in that. And completely devoid of excitement – I started reading for next year already. Given how long it’s taking me to actually finish books I figured that’d be enough time.

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