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In Edinburgh, Rambling on May 12, 2013 at 11:11 pm





Same as before, quick and messy drawing, and accidental red bits which are sort of nice. And more stories. I have a lot of receipts now (expected really, I’ve was on the till for twelve-ish hours this week, quite a lot of people don’t want receipts).


No one else is in to be upstairs, having spent four hours with someone else the day before I get sent up on my own. Which is kind of scary, but the manager comes up every so often.


Apparently I hate music because I hadn’t put anything in the CD player, silence is nice enough (especially when I sat through an afternoon of Westlife the day before…eugh). I spend ages looking through the CDs and don’t recognise anything except Madonna and Chemical Brothers. I don’t play either. I’m not very with it music-wise, or anything wise I suppose.

Instead I’m educated in what the manager likes, which isn’t too bad and amusing when he starts to sing (and hugely exaggerates the effect of Elvis…). I still have this in my head. Every few sentences he demands why I hate music so much. I deny it. I find the secret stash of CDs under the desk too, someone has put in a lot of Pink Floyd.


One time he comes up he asks where I’m from, no one ever knows where Leicester is. I’m surprised that he does, let alone that he’s been there. Goes off about the government and tuition fees, asks if I knew there was a Tory government at the moment (of course I do!). More osprays than Tory MSPs…


Twice I have to undress and redress mannequins. It’s very odd, I apologise to one for leaving it half naked in the window. Although it doesn’t have much in the way of legs, so it’s probably three quarters naked. I’m not sure she minded much.


I witness the till running out of paper for receipts for the first time. It goes an odd red colour. I keep the receipt.



Tom Baker’s scarf was 14 foot long.

“Time is squishy.”


It’s not that busy for a Saturday, there’s about four minutes when there’s no customers. Golf is played across the shop floor with an appropriated golf club, golf ball and wastepaper basket that had bags of beanie babies in the other day. The floor slopes. About to try a welly when someone walks in. Everything is hidden again.


Quiet again, watching people walking along the street outside. Someone walks past carry an inflatable doll under their arm.

“Well that’s one way to pass the time.”


Shutting the shutters I almost hit someone on the head, luckily someone else tells them to move. There’s a group of kids by the other shutter, one grabs on and gets lifted into the air. Apparently he screamed (unsurprisingly). They leave eventually.

And a lot of days I’ve not written about. The 8th was no socks day, but given that I was wearing shoes I was also wearing socks (I’ve already got blisters, thanks). But also iris day, I can confirm I have irises. Unless it’s specifically the plants, in which case I don’t. The 9th was lost sock memorial day, I spent not very long trying to remember if I’ve ever lost any socks, given that I don’t wear matching socks most of the time it’s quite hard to tell. But also quite sad not knowing. The 10th was clean up your room day – which I did, I might have taken the ‘clean up’ a bit too far and started putting things in boxes (I’ve gained a lot of books, I’ve packed three boxes of books and left all the ones I want out, that’s at least another box. I’m sure I came with two boxes) – and international migratory bird day. I didn’t migrate. The 11th was eat what you want day, I wanted grapes. So I ate grapes. They weren’t that nice. Today is limerick day, and when they go back to in Terminator…May 12th 1984, actually. I think that’s about everything, tomorrow is frog jumping day and other things, not quite sure what I’ll do for that (I refuse to jump like a frog all the way to Southbridge, no). We’re probably going to this in August, somewhat lacking in festivals last year (the lack of gross toilets was a plus though), Heaven 17… I might go have a nosy at The Proclaimers for the amusement (honestly, the best reason to go see people, and the reason I endured a while of The Wurzels last time, slightly disturbing that was).


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