Whisky + books

In Days, Edinburgh on May 18, 2013 at 7:33 pm

Possibly the best combination of things ever…seeing as it’s world whisky day and it’s not like I need an excuse for books. I found a Talisker about as old as I am, which is odd in a way, and tasty sounding lip balm. I got bored being in my flat so went wandering to the main library (despite the large quantities of rain), I even managed to find the book I wanted (unheard of), but gained several I didn’t intend on getting (not unheard of). I bought another few as well which haven’t been delivered yet – a copy of Ulysses because even though reading a PDF is easier in some ways it’s not as nice and I can’t write over or mark nice things or anything and this, I’ve been meaning to look at them for ages. Might be useful given that my boredom-induced searching of the portal (I have no idea how I’ve only sort of recently found the search thingy on the portal so I can find all sorts of stuff) revealed lots of visual culture-y things, and an assessment based on that series of books.

Evidently I’m in a theory-ish mood rather than drawing, so I’m reading Has Modernism Failed? (which I was meant to do ages ago) and I’ve got Six Years (there was an exhibition about Lippard/Six Years on at the Brooklyn Museum when we were in New York) and something I only picked for the title to read too. Should keep me quiet for a while. I’ve packed up my books, except for…some, so my shelves are sad and empty. I don’t like packing at all, hence starting very very early. As for whisky, Laphroaig because that’s all I’ve got (not that that’s a bad thing at all).



There’s very little to add really, I just wanted to share the whisky happiness. Yesterday I wore a graduation gown that someone had left on a bus and finally managed to get the card machine right, I got called hen a lot. And met a man from Alaska who makes stained glass and bought a fish knife. I’m trusting his judgement that it was a fish knife, because it’s not like I have any idea about knives, or fish for that matter. I can finally do the tagging gun thing right now as well – instead of either wasting a lot of tags trying to do it or stabbing my fingers. No real excitement, there’s a talk next week with the nice-spice-thingy-guy (what is his name?) which I might go to, and I’ve got woodblock printing next weekend. And then the weekend after that I think is looking-at-degree-show-ing.


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