Ahhh I’ve gotten a life all of a sudden

In Days, Edinburgh, Leicester, Rambling on May 24, 2013 at 3:55 pm

I’m not quite sure how that happened, it’s weird. I’m probably going to this – if I can find it anyway – this evening, which should be interesting. I was trying to figure out how on earth you could feasibly keep something like that in a collection, takes up a lot of room…but how nice would that be to have a room just full of that? And then this on Monday (I know where that is), would have been more useful earlier this semester but hey ho. And then I’m doing a Japanese woodblock course tomorrow and Sunday… I can’t quite decide what I’ll print, maybe drawings or maybe morse code, because that’s nice in colour and I could probably manage layers for that. Which is all very nice and art-y, so to ruin that I did something student-y (which is probably more impressive than arty things) and went to a different pub and drank horrible wine out of tea cups and watched Monty Python early in the morning. Not on my own I’d like to point out (…not this time…).

Although all of that is probably ruined by the fact that I sit in the library for fun.

Getting behind on days again, there hasn’t really been anything good for a while. I think there’s some good ones in June though. I didn’t do the 19th (frog jumping jubilee day), partly because I forgot and I have no idea what I would have done anyway. The 20th was pick strawberries day – hard given that I don’t have a garden, let alone strawberry plants – and be a millionaire day, for which I looked at useless things I’d probably buy if I could. Including a tent that looks like a huge book. 21st was endangered species day, so here’s a very very long list. 22nd was buy a musical instrument day – which I didn’t do, but I did sell a musical instrument, technically…although how musical a 30p whistle thing is I don’t know. Yesterday was world turtle day, so cute pictures of turtles… Today is tiara day. I don’t own one, and I refuse to wear one. Best of all, tomorrow is towel day, do you know where your towel is? (Also – don’t panic, but grades come out soon aaggggghhhhhh)

I got my books eventually, CHANCE is nice. Really nice. I finished Has Modernism Failed?, but I don’t have the notes for that with me so I can’t really go on about it. Imagine that I did instead.

We got sent some stuff for the Highcross thing, things to look at. So voila – The £100 Shop, the vacuum cleaner and a list of things using hair (I could always go back to the weird hair fetish thing…perhaps not).


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