‘put them together you have the art’

In Edinburgh, Interesting things, Rambling on May 26, 2013 at 7:21 pm

The talk on Friday was good, quite funny. He was quite…bouncy – leaping up and pacing about and stuff – and the poor art-history-guy was trying to ask questions and it just wasn’t ever going to happen. Lovely though, and good quotes. I’ll do those in a sec.

Printmaking was lovely and fun and possibly a tad frustrating at points. Accepting squint-ness helps an awful lot, if I picture it squint in my head it’s sort of surprising when it doesn’t look half as bad. Having said that, some of them are crap. And I’ve not quite got it reliable yet. But still messy fun. So much easier using watercolour/gouache than oil based stuff (even if I do secretly like cleaning up the oil stuff, it’s oddly fun to wipe it all off with oil or whatever), less messy and I didn’t end up with ink in my hair (it’s happened before…). I think my brain’s close to exploding with excess information.










The blocks look really nice too, perhaps more so before I washed all the paint off. And before one of them got cut away to print from again and again. Still nice.






Thinking about this article and all the things I’ve got written down from different places. I think you can spot the art-context-y ones from a mile off.

are you waiting for the lecture / yeah / good / hello / circle / what do you / no it’s / so weird / definitely / all that area’s / yeah / oh my god / I don’t know what it’s about / and also / what is he / I don’t really / I spoke to / oh hello hi / absolutely absolutely / where should we go / learn something every day / watch the temptation / slightly horrific / anything / absolutely / on the bus / hi / bless you / emergency calls only / excuse me / thanks / take it home / did you get / think the other side / how you doing / I didn’t see you / you’re talking now / six months ago / to the point / one thing / can I squeeze past you / sorry / thank you / Oh hi Catherine, I’m Lucy / words fail adequately / lycra / organic forms / tonnes of spices / inhabiting this work / defy description / exhibited extensively / close to home / contemporary art / identity and / nifty / curatorial team / beautiful city / a strange coincidence / anatomy of time / prepared a powerpoint / interfere / trajectory as an artist / structural similarities / almost all the time / difficult to explain that / back to the sculptures / I saw it again for the second time in my life / the sky is the anatomy of my body / I just don’t really think about death / in which pocket / we are alive / biological way / sensation of a body / had the sensation and feel of flesh on it / we are always inside of a cube / trying to understand / sleeping room / cube toilet / you get a cubey bus / so much art / taking the soul out of it / oh my god / this problem with the ceiling / I love problems / held in equilibrium / gain significance / sorry / everything is together / the tensions of the mediums / think through problems / I love the gravity / unexplainable / put them together you have the art / wanted to do something more flash / not so articulation / little balls / all these guys with guns / why you need so many stockings / the sculpture is a transition / flirting sexuality / time is short / food things / in my studio / arab food / all these spices / you have a mouth and you feed / so many art work in the world / sometimes / don’t know / I was just in love with that / inside of a stocking / hey ernesto what’s the name of it / so that’s poof poof / too much music in english / we never really understand what we’re singing / I’m going to kill my mother / very emotional / creating a place / friction of the bodies / the catalyst / notions of appropriation / what I think / the question of relationship / fascinated / searching for the ground / something to paint the wall / skin of the stockings / the void / god everywhere / let this void happen / inside of the water / feeling of invasion / particles getting inside of the people / not just an idea / in portuguese we have two words / state of tension / sensorial / and eat it / we all have made love love love / a wonderful mess / relationship to the object / let’s not talk about fifa / let’s talk about samba / protagonist / break the borders / he has the light / we all have the light / I believed people know things / very strong this feeling of the sea / there is a gap / any other questions / it’s shit here / it’s not really real / I feel hard for me / somewhere else / little escapes / have an impact / so different / you see the sea / you see the sky / flat studio swimming / you don’t have to do this / I learnt from a book / jesus


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