topics in psychiatry (and other things)

In Books, Days, Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art on June 3, 2013 at 5:21 pm

Suddenly a lot to write about. Go chronologically. I braved the meadows festival, because it was free and I like free things. Actually alright, nice book stall (and the amusement of ska with Scottish accents, I shouldn’t laugh…but ‘turn the skank up to eleven’ sounds pretty great in a strong accent), I stupidly bought more books (no space for them!). One because it’s got really nice botanical illustrations and very longwinded definitions/descriptions, one because the cover was a really nice blue and one because someone had shoved a load of notes and an envelope in it (the stamp is from 1961). Back to that in a sec. Nice flowers first.



Saturday was also drawing day, so voila. Yesterday was cancer survivors day (…I was jabbed against cervical cancer?) and rocky road day (couldn’t find any of that, I had other ice cream instead…) and today is repeat day. I’m all for repeating eating ice cream.



Em & Melanie (hello) came up to see degree show and stuffs – found a bookshop I hadn’t found yet yesterday (with vegan flapjack) and another pub (nearer to new flat). Show was nice, some nice things dotted about, never quite realised how many studios there are in that building (an infinite amount). Nice intermedia-y things (bonus points for having a catalogue thing, minus for lacking labels to actually use the catalogue) and ehm…fun sculpture things, got covered in confetti. In fact confetti got everywhere. And blue trees. Nice photography things, lovely drawings in jewellery, nice text things and one really nice series of paintings. Kinda can’t remember what I’ve seen though. And – for some reason I thought it’d be fun, maybe it will be – I’m off to this in a sec. Also a copy of The Glasshouse Request (with magnifying lens)



I was gonna add in the Topics In Psychiatry stuff but kinda running out of time, later this evening maybe. Just finished scanning everything in, writing is so hard to read! Good quotes in some of it though.

And this, even if grades for the whole year came out the other day. Got essay grades too, kinda…ehm yeah. Skip to the end. Coulda been a lot worse and not like I was expecting much for it. So not too bad really. I finally managed to get a grade right for the assessment stuff though…that’s gotta mean something, maybe gaining another A makes up for the backwardness of prof prac (= talking = I don’t like talking).

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 17.00.06


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