‘sugar’s in the cupboard, unless that’s cocaine’

In Edinburgh, Interesting things on June 22, 2013 at 12:29 am

True. You never know. Some stories and bits and pieces, instead of trying to sleep. Here’s all the receipts I’ve gained since starting at the shop, there’s lots. I’ve written on some. I’ll do something with all these receipts I have one day (so many library ones too). They were all in a box, but the box got too small. It’s weird because often people don’t want the receipt and sometimes they’ll say ‘save paper/don’t bother’, but that doesn’t make sense. The till has to print a receipt, so not taking it doesn’t solve anything. It just means I get a bigger collection of tiny bits of paper.

Photo on 21-06-2013 at 23.32

I sold £20 worth of Lego yesterday. We probably could have got a bit more for it, because there was two very full bags of it.

This week has been fairly slow, Tuesday was the best day. We took £100+ in card sales alone.

We (finally) got a new kettle. The switch was dodgy long before I started here. But it wasn’t boiling anymore and everyone got a bit sick of unboiled water and slightly warm tea. The new one was £5 from Argos – I have no idea where Argos is – but the £9.99 one across the road in £ stretcher was apparently not good enough. I made hot tea, which was nice.

I only found out the other week that both of our managers are volunteers too. In which case they’re both a tad insane, the amount of time they’re in and how much they do. I don’t feel so bad for telling them to go away and that the shop will be fine without them for an afternoon.

Wednesday we didn’t shut until 6:30. I was there until 6:45 sorting out an email. He’d missed a . so it didn’t send.

I’ve worked every afternoon this week, we’ve no especially interesting or crazy people come in that I can remember. I’m working tomorrow too, over twenty six hours this week.

I managed to get someone to giftaid a donation for the first time on Thursday. They tend to rush off and I tend to forget. But it was a big box of stuff.

We’re moving out of the shop we’re in now – after the festival though (so really as soon as I come back to Edinburgh…) and possibly having a pop up shop instead. They’re looking at a shop in the West End. Which would be brilliant if I wasn’t moving, but I can get a bus up Lothian Rd pretty easily.

I counted the money again, I did it almost entirely alone until I got confused that we were £2.85 over. £2 went into petty cash (we’ve got a little box and everything) and the rest written onto the adjustment sheet. I even got shown how to sort out the weekly takings – which is really just adding everything up and inputting it online for someone else to check – but (apparently) no one else has ever been shown that. I’m moving up in the world evidently.

A woman came in about a goat today. Two goats. Two goats for £36.

Yesterday I gave a woman some safety pins. She put a £ in the donation box. The hem on her trousers had come undone and she was going to a meeting.

It’s still weird that people ask me when they’re stuck/unsure, and not me doing the asking.

Apparently I still hate music. Only now I’m a falafel eating, hot flush-ing, music hater. It’s lies. Apart form the falafel.

I think that’ll do. I went to dinner by myself this evening, having survived the awkwardness of doing that for the first time last week. It’s still awkward. And I forgot a book. So I counted the people walking past the window instead. And I got recognised, which was beyond awkward. I don’t especially want to be known as the really sad lonely one that comes in by herself every week. So in graph-ish form, the people that walked past. Top rows are walking towards Princes St, bottom down Lothian Rd. Bad picture because it’s far too early to be finding a camera or something.

Photo on 22-06-2013 at 00.16

And from Starbucks last week. Red and yellow are people coming in. Starting from the top left and going down. I felt the urge for graph paper, so expect lots of squares and crap. Data is nice, even if it’s pointless data. Nice making it into something else.



Also weird to see the Artist Taxi Driver on something or other last week as ‘let’s laugh at the really insanely angry man in a car’. He swears possibly better than Malcolm Tucker (‘sucks o’cock news’ always gets me). This book is also absolutely lovely. Some highlights.

Choose a person you like, or that you would like to love, or at least, a person you have good feelings for.

Leave small gifts for him/her in personal places for five days.

During those five days, secretly record in secret conversations with that person. The recording can be for a short time or as long as possible.

Listen to the taping every night before bed. (Secret Friend – Federico Herrero)

1) Choose a person, older than yourself, you see frequently — not too often by approx once a week or once a month. Maybe one of your grandparents if they are still alive.

2) Every time you meet the chosen person you press your 2 pointing-fingers firmly against your eyes for 10 to 20 seconds until various colors and patterns arise.

3) Try to note or memorize the patterns and colors in connection with the context and repeat the practice every time you meet the chosen person for a as long as possible, minimum 6 months.

4) After minimum 6 months of this practice you can recall the person, virtually by pressing your eyes for a while. In the midst of the colors and pattern a sense of presence of the chosen person arrives even after the chosen person has died.

(Physiological Memory – Olafur Eliasson)

LOST — street sign exchange program

Take down a street name sign.
Go to a different city.
Put up the sign in place of another sign.

(Klara Liden)


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