long lists of books

In Books, Edinburgh, Rambling on June 26, 2013 at 12:38 pm

I’m not working today – because I’m stupidly tired (would you believe it’s been too light to sleep at a reasonable time?! I almost miss winter…) and currently sound remarkably like a man and don’t want to infect anymore people – so I started trying to figure out all the books I own, read and want to read. Trouble is, the books I have here are almost entirely all packed and I refuse to go through boxes and boxes just to see what I’ve got. But I can remember most of them… I’ll do the rest when I unpack again in September.

I was going to add in the handy little thing that’d show all the things I was meant to have finished ages ago, but wordpress seems to hate it. Is it enough to know that I’ve finally made a list of them all? And I might possibly get round to finishing them at some point. I even finished a book last night… I was planning on going somewhere to read all afternoon, but I’m not sure I can either move or that I have the mental ability to read anything at the moment. (Writing requires no intelligence, obviously).

I saw Steph yesterday – for the first time in months – which was nice, although a little creepy that a bin man walking past told us not to make love. Don’t think we coincide until September again now. I start moving out a week tomorrow I think, I think this Saturday will be more packing and then a mad rush Wednesday evening to get everything else done. Might need a few more boxes.


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