Knots and almost-goodbye

In Edinburgh on July 3, 2013 at 10:44 pm

Today was my last day in the shop until September. I was presented with a ‘thank you, but please come back to us’ necklace. I’m under strict instructions to wear it at all times. It was weirdly emotional in ‘oh I am leaving’ sorta way. It’s a celtic knot, a variant of the triquetra. Which reminded me of a Book of Kells colouring book I had that one time we went to Ireland and it rained and rained and I ate a lot of carrots with the skin still on. And kinda funny because I spent quite a while drawing knots, and definitely ended up with some celtic ones. Something else to do…

We’re officially moving shop, they’ll have moved by the time I’m back in September. If I wasn’t moving flat it’d be closer. But it’s not too far and there’s a bus I can get, and it’s a nicer shop apparently.

It seems to be fairly widely known that it’s very easy to make me squeal in a horribly undignified way. And easy to scare the crap out of me. It happens quite often.

I think that’s all for the shop fun… Kinda sad to be leaving! Although I am coming back… I’m finishing packing tomorrow, everything gets moved to storage on Friday and I migrate south on Saturday. Almost entirely packed now though, so not too much to do. She says. Goodbye shop. Almost-goodbye lovely Edinburgh. Goodnight Moon.


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