So long & thanks for all the fish

In Leicester, Rambling on July 7, 2013 at 5:20 pm

Goodbye Edinburgh, I love you. In all seriousness I’m 300 odd miles further south than I was on Friday, and almost all of my belongings ended up in storage. It looked like a lot in my flat, and then not so much after all. And I’m sorry Tesco, I know I promised to return  your crates. But I lied.



Not really looking forward to carrying all that up two flights of stairs to get to the new flat though… We walked around it on Friday and it’s really really nice round there. More fruit/veg shops than anyone could possibly ever need. We went to the pencil museum in Keswick – because I’ve always wanted to go – and it was tiny and more amusing than informative I think. But I spent £60 on pencils, so not all bad I suppose.



Ehm. I’m still doing days, but I was suddenly very busy and there wasn’t much time/energy to do all of them and write about it. Friday was workaholics day, so I went into the shop. Even though Wednesday was definitely my last day. An extra person was needed Friday afternoon and I was useful and tidied up a bit… Apparently I should get my own keys in September, isn’t that sweet? Tomorrow I’m going to help tidy up/look at the space for Highcross project, and then go hunting for another charity shop to volunteer in I think… Too hot and brain dead. So here’s Otto.



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