very pink wallpaper

In Leicester, Rambling on July 10, 2013 at 3:47 pm

We’ll get the obligatory cat picture out of the way first.



Now… Highcross Project stuff that I’ve been neglecting. It’s…not really been planned too well, given that it’s all students and they’ve all left Leicester now because it’s summer. Except me, because I came back because it’s summer. We were meant to be clearing the space on Monday, I was the only one that turned up. Means I got a nice space at least, and nicked some things from the piles of crap left behind.




That wallpaper… I’ve been trying to find out why the hairdresser’s went into liquidation (and I’m not paying £4.99 + VAT for some dodgy looking website to provide me with all their financial records), so far nothing. But I did find where all the stylists went – maybe they want all the shite they left behind back. There’s some really odd things left behind, there’s a clothes horse and someone’s jumpers and stuff, absolutely hundreds of sachets of sugar and just crap in general. They must have moved out really quickly – or were ridiculously lazy or something – to have left so much behind. There’s a handful of heads (as in plastic ones, but some of them have been named – creepy) and probably two bin bags worth of hair dye and boxes and boxes of promotional leaflets and flyers and plastic bags.

I hope some other people appear from somewhere, because the space is huge and could be really nice to use as a studio. Heh. I’ve been drawing bits and pieces, and cut blocks for printing yesterday. Need cleaning up more before it’ll look less squint.



I think it’ll probably end up as a writing thing, the little space I’ve stuck my name on has a window looking out of the big window so I can people-watch without being too obvious. Or maybe a data collecting thing. Maybe being a little more deliberately anthropological-ish – more in a really observing people way, instead of not looking at them and just writing the stupid things they say. So maybe that’d be fieldwork, I don’t know. Don’t really want to use the wrong words when I’ve got no idea what I’m doing. But in an anthropology-moment I found this, which is looking for submissions. There’s a ‘creative response’ one, I’m not sure they’d appreciate me trying to pass myself off as an anthropologist. Theme is death & ressurection, and I was possibly going to look into the graveyard(s) they found near Highcross. Speaking of… St Nicholas parish church, which is by the main road kinda…five minutes away from the hairdresser’s. It was built on the site of a pagan temple, using largely Roman stone anyway.





In other excitement I made muffins. And I’m going to make summer pudding this evening (best. pudding. ever.). And two out of three volunteer-shop-things have rung me up so far, I’ve got one tomorrow and one next week to go in and say hi and whatever else. Possibly do both if they’ll have me.


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