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In Interesting things on July 19, 2013 at 1:52 pm

In order of importance:

Amanda Palmer (again) on Tuesday – lovelovelove.


And tomorrow is Harry Potter goodness, also Moon Day and ‘oh dear I just realised that if tomorrow is my 19th birthday I’m going to be 20 next year – how did that happen?‘ day.

And Monday was more clearing/removing wallpaper with a knife.




Meant to have done this ages ago… So the start of a very long list of songs that mention walking in some form. It seemed like a good idea at one point (and I need something to do), and I was listening to this at some point and somehow never noticed the ‘walk’ bit in it. Ah well. I finished The Lost Art Of Walking at last too, which has a little bit about songs, and mentions another Ramones song.

sidewalking sidewalking sidewalking sidewalking / messing in the dark and walking all alone / – sidewalking, jesus & mary chain

I have often walked / down the street before / – on the street where you live, Nat King Cole

these boots are made for walking / and that’s just what they’ll do / one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you  – these boots are made for walking, Nancy Sinatra

because you’re mine, I walk the line / – I walk the line, Johnny Cash

I’m walking on sunshine, wooah / and don’t it feel good / – walking on sunshine, Katrina & the waves

til they’re walking round like flies man / – apeman, the kinks

I take the time and I walk along / I take the time and I’m walking down / I’m walking along this railroad track / – bo diddley is jesus, jesus & mary chain

you’re walkin’ to work / – elevator music, beck

did I really walk all this way / I don’t owe you anything, the smiths

oh, baby you can walk, you can talk just like me / with a little practice you can walk like, talk just like me / if that’s what you wanna do / well, you can look, you’ll walk in circles around me / but first, I’ll walk in circles ’round you / but first, I’ll walk around the world / I’m walking ’round the world / – thank you for sending me an angel, talking heads

a boy filled with wanderlust who really meant no harm / – don’t take your guns to town, Johnny Cash

she walked up to me and she asked me to dance / – Lola, the kinks

when you walk without ease / – never had no one ever, the smiths

well, I just want to walk right out of this world / cause everybody has a poison heart / – poison heart, the ramones

I’m walking a line – I’m thinking about empty motion / I’m walking a line – just barely enough to be living / – houses in motion, talking heads

begin to walk, start to dagger / out in the open air / – looking daggers, eyeless in gaza

sometimes / I walk sideways / to avoid you / when I’ve annoyed you / […] what would I be / if I could be free / I couldn’t even walk / you trip me up / – you trip me up, jesus & mary chain

shakedown dreams walking in broad daylight / – burning down the house, talking heads

walk like an Egyptian – walk like an Egyptian, the bangles

there’s a time for roamin’ and a place to stay / but I don’t know if I’ll get there / and I don’t know where I’ve been / – 40,000k, jesus & mary chain

you walk, you talk / you still function like you used to / – no compassion, talking heads

we can go for a walk where it’s quiet and dry / and talk about precious things / – the queen is dead, the smiths

walking ’round the room singing Stormy Weather / – weather with you, crowded house

grab your coat and let’s start walking / – a little less conversation, Elvis Presley

when she walks towards me / cherry came too, jesus & mary chain

told me how to walk this way / she told me to / walk this way, talk this way / – walk this way, aerosmith

wearing your brand new shoes in… / wanting to walk and run / in every solitary lane, / every road that leads you / wherever your feet may take you / – changing stations, eyeless in gaza

I’m tired of travelling, I want to be somewhere / – the big country, talking heads

as I stand here / don’t you walk away / – april skies, jesus & mary chain

I walk down my street at night / the city lights are cold and violent / – ampersand, Amanda Palmer

people got no idea where in the world they are / they go up north and come back south / still got no idea where in the world they are / – cities, talking heads

so why you wanna walk around with me? / I don’t wanna walk around with you / – I don’t wanna walk around with you, the ramones

and though I walk home alone / – rusholme ruffians, the smiths

take a walk through the land of shadows / take a walk through the peaceful meadows / – memories can’t wait, talking heads


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