This does contain some work. And books.

In Books, Leicester, Quotes, Rambling on July 23, 2013 at 12:53 pm

Which probably describes the majority of what I write fairly accurately. So books first (because they are the most important).



Yes, there are Moomin books there. Yes, they’re lovely. Yes, I read one this morning – seeing as it was The Moomins & the Great Flood, which seemed fitting given the amount of rain/thunder (in some cases scarily loud) this morning. The one with the names down the spine is nice too… That pile is missing several, but you get the idea (I managed something I’d not done in a while and read all of The Ocean At The End Of The Lane on Saturday). Also, the Wells was a present to myself because I saw the cover and decided it’d be a brilliant idea to spend £20 on it. That’s why I don’t go into Waterstones… There was a bit more reason to it than that, I read The Time Machine as an ebook, but it’s not the same and – to mangle John Ruskin slightly – a book worth reading is obviously worth buying… So in all it’s cover-y glory. Why I was in Waterstones to start with comes later.



And Otto looking miserable, he was right at the back of that box. I pulled it out, didn’t see him and then he did a pitiful little mew. Neither of us are especially fond of thunder. At least I’m not under the bed though.



I went quote collecting yesterday, and didn’t really get much. I might be able to use the digital screens around the shopping centre (that the hairdresser’s is based in) to display things – ‘things’ being quotes. But the screens I saw were a bit of an odd size, not very wide and quite long, so it’d be  hard to fit a sentence across it without being tiny. So I think a word a line would have to do – which is good, because the quotes I have are short. I just need more, and to decide whether they should be handwritten and appear amongst the cycles of adverts the screens seem to have, or whether it’d be possible to use live typing to make a .gif or something to show instead. That’d look more interesting… An example.

I admit that quote wasn’t from the shopping centre (but it’s so noisy in there it’s hard to collect much without stalking people, and I don’t really want to do that), but I think I’ll end up with a sort of centre-of-Leicester-ish collection instead. There’s only so many quotes about shopping I can collect I imagine. Rest of the quotes another time, because there’s a book waiting for me…

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