a sudden influx of stuff

In Collections, Interesting things, Leicester, Rambling on August 2, 2013 at 6:21 pm

I think this is going to be long…suddenly lots to write about.

Painting the salon (meaning the highcross thingy, but it’s easier to say ‘the salon’ and it’s kinda stuck) is coming along very slowly…we did quite a lot on Monday, and it does look better. It’s just…there’s a lot of walls in there. Ripping wallpaper off is good fun though.





I’ve moved up in the world to key holder, so I’ve been in and out this week – and actually started doing stuff. Given that the launch is 19th August and we’re supposed to have something to show that’s probably a good thing…  I don’t really know what I’m doing – but then, when do I ever? – so rambling abound. In fact, rambling split into sections.


Always start with quotes… I’ve been out getting more, which I still haven’t listed. Maybe in another post. I’ve got quite a lot now, but they’re all surprisingly mundane, although different days do have a kind of different feel to them. The same two people were having a *very* loud argument the other day for several hours – I’ve never quite understood why you’d choose to have a massive argument in the middle of a shopping centre to start with, let alone shout so loudly that it’s clear from quite far away.

There’s a bench kinda outside the space, so I’ve been sat there and listening, I had been collecting from the space, but I was getting weird looks for sitting in the doorway (no chairs!). And I don’t want it to be too obvious what I’m doing on the off chance that a) someone gets very annoyed with me or b) they don’t say what they would have otherwise said. Because there’s some really odd conversations that people have in public, where they’re easily overheard (I should make it clear that I don’t follow people around…) and I don’t know if that’s because they don’t expect to be heard or something else entirely. Good for me though.

I’ve organised what I have by date though. The kitchen had all these useful blue boxes (that were hung up on a board), they were full of hair dye, and I wanted to use them for something – I quite like the idea of using as much of the stuff there as possible, kinda…preserving it I guess. Anyway, there’s not much paper there, but there’s lots and lots of wallpaper. So they’re written on that. They’re on the shelves at the front for now, because I don’t have a table in my little bit to put them on.





I’ve kept the wallpaper in my space, partly because that’s one less wall to do. But mostly because it seems quite odd to be asked to make something responding to the site, but at the same time be completely gutting the place. Yes, it’s nicer to be in now, it’s less pink and it’s cleaner. But it looks like a misshapen white cube! It was a hairdresser’s, that’s presumably what it was designed for, maybe it’ll be a hairdresser’s again after we’re done with it. But this is kind of…converting it into a gallery. Which I can see why you’d do that, but then that’s going to generate really different responses than if it’d been left as it was a bit more. So consider my wallpaper a small act of rebellion maybe. A way of preserving it a little.

I was writing on scraps of wallpaper anyway, because I should probably do something with that wall now I’ve claimed it, and having a wall of quotes – or just writing – might be nice.



Still working on the digital screen thing. But maybe a still image could work, and it’d probably be easier. Either just handwritten, or maybe shaped on the wallpaper.


I started doing this the other day, and it’s another one of those ‘trying to be nice, but probably actually being really creepy’ things. There’s these huge windows that go most of the length of the space (I’ll try and remember to get a video of the thing when I’m next in, then there’s some chance you’ll know what I’m talking about…), and the little cubicle-y bits look out onto those. But that bit is great for walking down, the floorboards creak nicely (I’ve got sound for that somewhere) and you can walk in time with people walking along the street. So I was choosing people who were walking alone, or who looked lonely, and walking with them – beside them and as in sync as possible – for as far as I could. Which – again – sounds a bit odd, but it was a really miserable day when I started and everyone looked miserable, and I was inside and not being rained on, and happy enough to walk next to people. At the moment I’m trying to look as natural as possible doing it – and I pace about anyway – and don’t pay much attention to whoever I’m walking next to, apart from to check they’re still there.

There’s not much to write about, because it really is, glancing at someone and then walking for maybe a minute sort of next to them – separated by space and glass and walls – and then watching them walk away again. Oh dear that sounds really sad, doesn’t it? So if I carry on doing that maybe it’ll just be a weird thing in of itself. Maybe write more walking instructions though – walk north to the north sea, walk next to someone that looks lonely. Not too dissimilar.

And some data. Watching people walk in different directions and counting. I’ve only done one direction onto graph paper so far, and I’ve got another set to do still, but that might go somewhere too…



The hair washing video is as popular as ever – on 730 something views as of today. Which really isn’t why I’m considering this (because that’d be weird), but might do something with hair. Specifically mine. More specifically the cutting off of said hair, and the videoing of it. Might as well have a whole series of hair videos I guess. And the cutting off that *might* happen could be quite…substantial. And then I could always do something with the clippings too, or is that too weird? Nah…

I’ve forgotten what else I was meant to be adding. Oh, the walking songs got upgraded to a spreadsheet – a-not-quite-up-to-date version is here, – and a YouTube playlist, which is probably more interesting. There’s still an awful lot more to come…


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